Things I Just Don’t Get 2

I wrote my first “Things I Just Don’t Get” list over a year ago. And guess what? There are NEW things that I just don’t get!

  • Peplum – Why? Why do you wan’t something that flares out at your waist?
  • Hashtag overuse – Please stop Instagramming/tweeting things with #all #of #the #hashtags. #Also #see #hashtag. #And #some #more #hashtags. #Did #you #forget #a #hashtag? Also – if you’re only updating Facebook and no other social media channel – cease hashtag use. It’s not transferable.
  • Dr. Who – whenever I see pictures of that phone booth, I just think of Harry Potter or the Phantom Tollbooth (no idea why on that second one.)
  • Animal print skinny jeans – I’m sorry I just can’t get into this. Also see: floral skinny jeans. I know I’m not fashionable, but whatever.
  • Mullet skirts/dresses – I know there is an official name for these, but I just don’t get it.
  • Coconut Oil – put it on your face! put it in your food! Use it as deodorant (I saw that last one on Pinterest today I swear.)
  • The song “Next to Me” by Emeli Sande – OMG I HATE THIS SONG. I don’t know why but it reminds me of “Colors of the Wind” from Pocohontas. Blech. I change the radio immediately when this comes on.

What things don’t you get?


  1. The hashtag thing drives me insane. I currently have a cousin who’s abusing hashtags on Facebook. I love hime, but he’s an update away from being hidden.
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  2. Interesting… last time I was on board, but this time I have to disagree with a few! I love peplum, and Dr. Who and the TARDIS are kind of adorkable. I do have one hi-lo skirt, but I don’t wear it much and it’s pretty subtle. Not a terrible trend.

    But I agree on the extreme hashtags, even though I definitely use a few on Instagram. Specifically #catsofinstagram. It’s how I stay in touch with my fellow crazy cat people. And I don’t dig floral denim. It feels so Saved By the Bell.
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  3. I hate peplum tops, jackets, dresses etc. I saw a MATERNITY peplum dress. Wtf? Want to make me look wide while pregnant? Blah.

    Now, I actually like using coconut oil for a few things. But using it for dumb things like deodorant? Or rubbing it all over my face?! Ew. How is that going to clean anything?!
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  5. i seriously have some friends that use like 10 hashtags for every tweet or instagram photo and it drives me nuts! i seriously don’t understand it at all!
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  6. The instagram hashtag observations cracked me up!
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  7. I have never heard (or heard of) “Next to Me.” I should turn on a radio ever.

    I like some peplum, because it covers my stomach & actually makes me look a little bit less top-heavy (I have big boobs & no butt). But I can’t really figure it out, so I mostly stay away from it.

    I use hashtags on Instagram because I like using them to find similar pictures (#catstagram!!!!), but I hate when people MAKE THINGS UP. There is no need to go buckwild hashtagging all of the ingredients in your omelet. No one is looking up the hashtag for #asparagus.

  8. Agreed on peplums, hashtags, mullet skirts (BEST NAME EVER!) and coconut oil.


  9. I don’t even know what peplum is which means I’ll google it immediately =)

    I don’t get the hashtags on Facebook either, or people who can’t say what they want to say without a hashtag. It’s also funny when people use the word hashtag in a conversation, at least it is to me.

    They make animal print skinny jeans? These are things that we sad Midwesterners don’t know about for a while, but I don’t think I’ve seen them (yet).


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