12 month update!

My Dearest Sadie,

You are now 1 years old. A bonafide toddler! I can’t believe my eyes as I watch you walk/run/stumble around the house. Nothing is safe anymore! You are also the most delicious little girl on the face of the planet.

Weight/Length- In your 11 month update I guessed that you weighed about 18lbs and were 28+inches. I wasn’t that far off! You weighed in at 18lbs 6oz at your 1 year check up, and 29 inches tall!

Eating- Everything! Except raw vegetables. You basically eat everything we eat, and had your first PB&J sandwich the other day, much to your daddy’s excitement. We introduced milk again after realizing you may have had a stomach bug (AGAIN!) last month, and it’s going well.

Sleep– Recently you’ve been waking up at 5am which we do NOT approve of, but if we bring you into bed with us you usually fall back asleep while snugging with Daddy. Don’t get used to it though! This will not become the norm for you.

Clothes- You’re still sizes behind! I’m only weaning you out of 6 month onesies because you have clothes in bigger sizes you haven’t worn yet! But still pretty much 6-9 months in onesies, 9 months in sleepers, and 9-12 months in pants.

Appearance- ADORABLE. Obviously. 🙂 Your hair is pretty light blonde now, and you have the darkest blue eyes. You have no discernible eyebrows to speak of, but have the loveliest dark blonde eyelashes. Your cheeks are almost always rosy, which you get from your Daddy. And while you’re only the 25th percentile for weight, you still manage to have some super squishable rolls! (Check out those thighs!)

Personality- You are such a GOOD baby, and such a happy baby. You have started to fake cry when we do something you don’t like (like take away the things you shouldn’t eat/play with, or leave the room with you behind a gate), but you are quick to recover. We call you “danger baby” because you seem to have no fears! Well, except for the Roomba. 😉 You have the best belly laugh ever, and it’s pretty much our goal in life to get you to laugh as much as possible. There’s also no fear of strangers, and as long as someone is holding you or paying attention to you, you don’t care who it is.

Milestones- We’re in full on walking mode! You get around everywhere, and crawling is pretty much a thing of the past. Last night marked the first time you initiated peek-a-boo on your own, holding up a piece of clothing to your face, and laughing in delight when I asked, “Where’s Sadie??” as you flung it away to reveal yourself. And sitting in your convertible car seat! Such a big girl.

Likes- crackers, strawberries, cheerios, any meat for dinner. CHEESE! Bathtime. All stuffed animals to hug. Being held, expect when you’ve got someplace to go! Being chased. Trowing mulch out of the garden beds. Dancing to music. Your pacifier.

Dislikes– Being left alone, not getting your bottle right away when you see it. Having things you’re not supposed to play with taken away from you. The ROOMBA!

Nicknames– Sadie Cakes, Monkey, Monkey Face, Monkey Pie, Princess, Punky, Lovey, Lovey-Boo, Sadie Faye, Faye Faye, Cute Stuff… the list goes on and on!

Sadie Faye Rose – I know you’re only one, but I couldn’t be happier about the little person you are becoming. I don’t know how I became so lucky to be your mommy, but I try not to ever take you for granted. I only hope when you grow up that you feel the same way about us being your parents.

Love you so much little one.


  1. I can’t stop laughing at the no eyebrows, at 32, I am still lacking in the eyebrows department! You know we call her the skinny chubby!

  2. aw this is just so cute. and love those skinny rolls, ha. so precious! happy birthday again miss sadie!
    katelin recently posted…Parking Scmarking.My Profile

  3. I love all her little baby curls!
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  4. Happy birthday, tiny adorable baby Sadie!
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  5. She is so stinkin’ adorable. Hope her birthday party was fabulous =) She is definitely lucky to have you two as parents!


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