The End of an Era

After over 10 years of being together, I have said goodbye to my tongue ring.


Fare thee well, tongue stud

A recent visit to the dentist led me into making this decision. Actually, my old dentist had been telling me for years to either get a shorter tongue stud or a plastic one, so I wouldn’t chip a tooth. This advice I ignored. But when I saw a new dentist, and they told me that the enamel was wearing away on the inside of my bottom teeth from the tongue ring, and that my bottom teeth were also starting to overlap, I figured it was time.


I’ve had my tongue pierced since college. And literally, I was in college when it was pierced. Yeah, so I had it pierced in my dorm. I was an RA, and one of my residents was dating a piercer. So, he came to the dorm, and we had a night of piercing. Now before you freak out, I will say what I’ve been saying to everyone for 10 years now when I tell this story. The piercer was so anally sterile, that residents who had been to professional piercing parlors said that he was cleaner than where they went. He wiped the counter, sterilized all his tools, wore gloves, and I remember washing my hands and Listerine-ing my mouth and him telling me that if he saw me touch my hands to my mouth after that was done, that I’d need to go do it all over again. STER-ILE.

So yes, 10 years later we have parted ways. ‘Twas a sad moment, and as you can see, I took the photos here to commemorate our time together. Honestly though, while I don’t miss it, I do find myself still trying to play with it when it’s not in my mouth anymore. Which makes me realize that I played with my tongue ring in my mouth CONSTANTLY. Holy hell. I also randomly forget that I took it out and when I go to play with it and realize it isn’t there, I have a moment of panic that I swallowed the ball. (Has happened. SUCKS.)

But alas, our time has ended. It was fun while it lasted, tongue ring. Forever rock on!



  1. I’m trying to figure out when I will be forced to remove my nose piercing. I dread the day. I love it too much.
    Mel recently posted…just letting it goMy Profile

  2. I have/had an assortment of body piercings and it’s always tough to retire one of them! I took some of my earrings out towards the end of and after law school. I have some remaining hidden piercings that I haven’t removed because there really hasn’t been a reason. I know the time will come when I’ll have to though…

  3. Aww Bye bye tongue ring! I got my belly button pierced on the boardwalk in Ocean City MD and I have no idea if it was sterile or if the guy was wearing gloves-I just remember it looking like a nail with an eraser on the back of it. I didn’t care I was just so excited to get it done at 18!! Haha! I’m lucky I didn’t get some awful disease.
    Nat recently posted…26 Weeks!My Profile

  4. I also got a tongue ring in college (but not IN my dorm room like you). I wore that through most of my first job out of school, but then realized that I probably had to take it out to get a better job. The urge to play with it goes away after a while- but I still have a mark on the bottom of my tongue!
    nonsequiturchica recently posted…Spring 2013 plantingMy Profile

    • People rarely saw mine when I was talking, it was pretty far back in my mouth, so it wasn’t a problem! Actually at my first post-college job my boss saw it once when I first started and told me to take it out. I told him I would, and then never did, because you really can’t see it unless I’m laughing or something.

  5. I took out my belly ring last year after having it for 12 freaking years. It was a silly little thing, but removing felt like “welp, the fun is over!” Ah, growing up…
    Jenn recently posted…20SB Blogging Prompt: Show Us Your…My Profile


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