10 Months Old!

Sadie Faye,

You are 10 months old, as of this past Wednesday. I don’t even know where to begin… how did the time fly by so fast? How are you so, so different from the little peanut who barely weighed six pounds that we brought home from the hospital?

Weight/Length- No check up until a year, but you’re probably hitting 17 pounds now, and even some of your 9 month pants are getting shorter… you just keep growing and growing.

Eating- We’ve drastically cut baby food out of your diet since we’re trying to follow Baby Led Weaning, and also because you LOVE to eat whatever we’re eating yourself. You will eat everything! You still love Cheerios and Goldfish crackers, but really haven’t met a food you don’t like (so far!) You also had strawberries for the first time and your eyes lit up when you had your first taste.

Sleep– Still a good sleeper, unless you are sick. 🙁

Clothes- At 10 months old, you still fit into some 6 month clothing! My little peanut. You still need 9 month sizes for pants and sleepers, but onesies are big one you at that size.

Appearance- My little blonde haired, blue eyed baby. You have the rosiest cheeks (thanks to your Dad) and are just adorable. What else is new, right? You’re a little skinny minny, except for your thighs, and sometimes your buddah belly. 🙂 Your hair is also getting pretty long, which means I can do fun things with it like the pigtails you’re rocking in these pictures.

Personality- I’m pretty sure you will be walking any day now! You also are just so happy, but hate to be left alone. You also like to explore everything and everywhere, giving you the nickname “Dora the Explorer”. You also really seem to enjoy music, and playing the piano with Daddy.

Milestones- Hugging! You give the best hugs! Also graduating to almost 100% real food.

Likes- you like all food, but you LOVE Cheerios, crackers, Goldfish, cheese and strawberries. You also love your stuffed animals, and give them hugs constantly. Also exploring every accessible drawer in the house, and pulling everything out whenever you can. Your Fisher Price musical chair gets you pretty revved up too.

Dislikes– Being strapped into your carseat, being left alone, not getting your bottle fast enough, us closing the dishwasher when you want to play with it/in it. Being forced into a nap.

Nicknames– Sadie Cakes, Monkey, Monkey Face, Monkey Pie, Princess, Peanut, Muffin, Lovey-Boo, Little Girl.

I have a date picked for your 1st birthday party, and I’m putting off planning it. Where did my baby go??


  1. I just love these updates! LOOK AT THOSE CHUBBY LEGS.

    It looks like it’s getting harder to keep her still during these pictures. Soon, she’ll be running away from the camera!

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