My Personal Hell

A while ago the fabulous Amy wrote a post describing what her personal hell would be like. I immediately bookmarked it for a future post of my own, since I loved the idea (and had it added as a 20SB blogging prompt).

So what would be included my personal hell?

  • Cake will be playing on continuous loop.
  • All meals would consist of pumpkin, soy, chai, fennel or pineapple. Also see all pork products (minus bacon), goat, lamb, veal, etc.
  • My home would be on the NYC subway – either the 6 or 7 line. (I consider those the worst. If you’re a New Yorker,  you know it’s true.)
  • I would never be able to cut my cuticles, ever.
  • My lips would be perpetually dry (I have a lip gloss addiction)
  • Every hour I’d be woken by a crying baby.
  • I’d be forced to watch hours of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
  • Skydiving, bungee jumping, trapeze – all activities involving heights would be mandatory (I have a ridiculous fear.)
  • There would be a husk of popcorn kernel perpetually stuck in my teeth.
  • Pantyhose would be required 24/7.
  • There would always be something stuck in my contact lens.
  • Nothing good would ever be on TV. Ever. Not even Ronco infomercials.

What does your personal hell consist of?


  1. Oh God, panty hose.

    I also have an aversion to fennel. BLECH.

  2. In my personal hell…

    -People are clearing their throats and popping their knuckles all the time.
    -The only food is would be salad.
    -I am wearing itchy sweaters and wool pants and toe socks.
    -As I try to sleep, I am awakened by dripping faucets and snoring.
    -There is no TV whatsoever.
    -There is a hair on my chin that I know exists, but there are no tweezers so I walk around extremely self-conscious even though no one notices it.
    -The only people to talk to are ignorant and self-absorbed.
    -The only place to rest/sit is the middle seat of an airplane row, between two very large and smelly people.
    -I have no voice.
    Aubrey recently posted…Books LatelyMy Profile

    • “-There is a hair on my chin that I know exists, but there are no tweezers so I walk around extremely self-conscious even though no one notices it.” Hahaha I totally relate to that one!

  3. Oh my god, the popcorn kernel! That is the WORST.

    In my personal hell, the soundtrack would be Mariachi music blasting 24/7.
    Stevie recently posted…Winter BeautyMy Profile

  4. I love this prompt. My hell would definitely include rotoscope animation and the song rock lobster. Sitting in traffic. Rap music. Having a yeast infection. Being forced to eat sweet potatoes.
    carissajaded recently posted…10 Reasons I Can’t Wait to be an Old PersonMy Profile

  5. Folding laundry and water chesnuts. For sure, at leaset those two things are present in my personal hell.

    • Really? Water chestnuts? I love those! Folding laundry I can get down with. There is currently a basket of laundry to be folded sitting in our living room… and I’m away until Friday. Whoops!

  6. My biggest fear on earth…The only phobia I have — vomiting. If I were to vomit even only once a day, I would find myself in my own personal hell. :p You can imagine my first trimester of pregnancy was truly a personal hell (and I only had VERY severe nausea thanks to Zofran!).
    Mel recently posted…My feelings on being pregnant…My Profile

  7. Bahahaha! I love this post. I might have to do one of my own! Curb Your Enthusiasm will definitely be on mine too!
    Sara recently posted…Life’s Good On Our BoatMy Profile

  8. Oh my gosh, the dry lips and something in my contacts would be my personal hell. Seriously, I would be like, kill me now! That is the worst.
    Jessica recently posted…Breaking BadMy Profile


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