Striking a balance

When I was pregnant I always said that I didn’t want to become a “mommy blogger” after Sadie was born. My definition of a “mommy blogger” was a negative one – basically those crazies I met at BlogHer, or those whose antics I read about online. The women who blog only about their children, and nothing else. The ones who are convinced that their child can do no wrong. That if you do/don’t breastfeed, you’re an awful mother. If you do/don’t co-sleep, your child will be ruined. If you do/don’t [insert parental this way vs that way here], etc. That being said, I follow many mommies who blog, the primary focus is their children, and they are amazing. Because it doesn’t DEFINE them.

In trying not to become a “mommy blogger”, I feel that I’ve erred on the side of too much caution. I noticed, looking back at my archives, that I really only talk about Sadie in my monthly updates. Additionally I realize that I barely post about my life anymore either. In fact, it makes me wonder if my sporadic posting is because subconsciously I don’t want to write too much about my life, or day to day activities, for fear of becoming one of the bloggers who recaps everything to death.

But what’s stopping me now? When I started this blog back in 2007 (SHEESH!) I wrote about whatever I wanted. Dumb jokes, internet memes, random crap I was pondering, etc. Just because I have a child doesn’t mean that has to stop. And I have to be comfortable with the fact that someone out there will consider me to be a “mommy blogger”, just because I may post a lot about my (adorable) child. You know what? They can deal with it.

So expect more posts about some awesome subjects. Me. Dave. Most importantly, Sadie. ‘Cause it’s my blog, and nobody puts baby in a corner! Or something. (RIP Patrick Swayze.) And for now, some super cute pictures of Sadie’s first holidays (since I never wrote about them) and other shenanigans. Why? Because I want to!

She started to stand up in her crib. (The mattress was lowered the next day.)IMG_0525
And the coffee table became Sadie’s personal play gym.IMG_0546
She made out like a bandit for her first HanukkahIMG_0616
And looked ADORABLE in her Christmas outfit for her first ChristmasIMG_0623
Here’s another one, because she looked so darn cute!IMG_0680
And last, but certainly not least, Sadie’s first time eating spaghetti (or trying to eat spaghetti. Not sure how much actually made it to her mouth


  1. I think you should definitely write more about Sadie. You will love having all the memories written down later.
    Shannon recently posted…SWWMy Profile

  2. I know what you mean! I used to be one of those cynics who felt my Mommy friends “jumped the shark” when they started using their kid as their Facebook profile pic (just the kid, not with themselves included). That said, I now know that isn’t a good rule of thumb… becoming a mother changes your whole life! And this blog is about your life. You can be a mom blogger without becoming a “mommy blogger”. Just share how you always have.

    I’m interested in hearing more about how you and Dave have decided to do holidays for Sadie with the whole Christmas/Hanukkah thing. I know a lot of families that have varying faiths, and I’m very interested in learning how you do it! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Aubrey recently posted…My Goals for 2013My Profile

    • Honestly it’s pretty easy for us considering neither of us are particularly religious – so there’s not really any conflict there! We have a tree and a menorah, and Sadie will learn about both religions, bu that’s pretty much it!

  3. That Christmas outfit is crazy cute.
    Suburban Sweetheart recently posted…Navel-Gazing at Its Finest: A Year-In-Review Blog Round-UpMy Profile

  4. I would never think of you as a mommy blogger- not that it’s a bad thing it just doesn’t seem like you- so go on and recap your life and post lots of pics of Sadie!! I mean she’s so cute- why not!
    Nat recently posted…2013, Already?!My Profile

  5. I’m SO glad you’re posting more Sadie. I can’t get enough of that girl. She is so stinking sweet. And I love all the photos and the updates. It makes me so excited for the “next” thing Mac will be doing. MORE SADIE!!
    Sara recently posted…New Mommy Confessions – Part 11My Profile

  6. You blog about whatever you want, its your blog!! Sadie is gorgeous BTW!

  7. Can I make a totally self-absorbed confession?

    I feel guilty.

    When you first announced your pregnancy, I believe my Facebook comment to you was something along the lines of “don’t become a mommy blogger!”

    And I posted it, and a week later? I felt like shit. And I don’t even know if you noticed, but … I’ve always felt stupid about it.

    And I totally, totally love seeing pics of Sadie. She’s adorable, and a major part of your life, and for what it’s worth – I’m sorry!
    Erica recently posted…Suggestible EatingMy Profile

    • I definitely did not take it in a bad way, so don’t worry about it! And clearly I was worried about becoming one myself, so glad we were on the same page!

  8. The first blogs I ever read were mommy blogs. At the time I wanted to start a blog, but didn’t think anyone would read it if I didn’t have kids. Of course I then discovered a world outside of mommy blogs, and started my own. Basically, I am one of “those people” with a mild obsession with mommy blogs. So I say the more babies the merrier! Especially since we don’t have kids yet, in a way it lets me live vicariously through you.
    Shoshanah recently posted…Django MiserablesMy Profile

  9. SADIE IS STANDING IN HER CRIB? But.. but.. weren’t you JUST posting about having her?! (She is amazingly adorable, by the way.)

    Also, people change and grow and I’ve learned that blogs do too. Trust that your audience will grow with you, and the few stragglers who decide they don’t want to? You didn’t want them either, anyways. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy new year!
    Lorraine recently posted…wanderlustMy Profile

  10. You know what? You’re a blogger. You’re a mom. You blog what you know and what you live. Right now? You have a baby. Babies are all-consuming! So for right now? Blog what you know. We all go through shifts and changes and we lose people and gain others along the way. I, for one, love reading about Sadie. I also love reading about the other stuff you’ve got going on. Keep on keeping on is what I’m saying (I think? I don’t know. I’m sleep deprived and crazy!)
    Hillary recently posted…2013My Profile

  11. She is so adorbs! =) You should write about her and your life, because as you said it’s YOUR blog. Yes, some people might consider you a mommy blog and stop reading, but that is THEIR problem.
    Teacher Girl recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile


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