My 2013 Goals

Happy New Year!

The other day during my commute to work I used Evernote to jot down a few goals for 2013. Notice I’m using the word “goals” and not “resolutions”. I barely make resolutions. In my opinion, why try and hold yourself to something that you will inevitably forget about or fail at by the end of January. So I don’t even bother. (Also, I like to buck against authority. Or something.) This year though, I’ve had some goals in mind for the next year that I’d like to try and strive for. Things that will make me a better person. So instead of “resolutions”, I’m sticking with the word “goals”. Because I refuse to feel like a failure if I don’t achieve them. Even if I get 7% of the way there, (wherever “there” may be), I’ll be happy with it.

1. Put more effort into my appearance. I wake up every morning, get Sadie ready, and then have just enough time to throw on what’s become my usual – jeans or leggings, boots, and generally a t-shirt with a boyfriend cardigan over it. Or some variation. Makeup, if any, is little, and only if I have time. (Or need to cover a blemish.) When I do put in the effort, I’m always surprised at the reaction I receive, and it feels good. I want to feel that way more often.

2. Be a better friend. It’s a bad habit of mine to make plans, only to break them later on. I hate this about myself, and want to change it. That may mean that I say yes to plans less often, but I know myself, and a lot of times I’m too tired to go out after work, and I regret saying yes.

I also need to work on keeping up my friendships in general. I am lucky that my good friends don’t measure our relationship based on how many times a week we talk, because in that regard, I’d fail. But I want to be better at keeping in touch, and writing emails, or texts, IMing out of the blue, etc.

3. Take deep breaths. I get worked up very fast, and often about insignificant things. Could be work, could be Dave (love you!) could be anything really, but no matter what it is, I get very riled up and instead of acting upon my feelings at that moment, I need to remind myself to take a few moments, breathe deeply, and assess whether or not I really need to be worked up about whatever it is at that moment. Most of the time? The answer is no. And especially since I manage a team of people at work now, this is very important for me to practice.

4. Stop comparing One of my worst qualities (in my opinion) is that I have “the grass is always greener” syndrome. I’m forever convinced that everyone else has it better than me in one way or another. I don’t know people’s stories. I don’t know the whole truth about their lives. Instead of being jealous of other people for reasons that are unfounded, I need to remember that no one’s life is perfect, and that my problems may be insignificant compared to the problems of others. You never know!

5. Preserve memories And last, I want to become better at preserving memories. For example, I do Sadie’s monthly updates, but I really don’t blog about her outside of that. I also don’t write about Dave or I as much as I used to. I’m bad at taking pictures during momentous occasions, and I never remember to take pictures of us as a family. These are goals for 2013. In addition, I’m going to hop on the Pinterest bandwagon, and keep a mason jar out on the counter, so Dave and I can write down memories throughout the year and then read them on New Year’s Eve 2013. We’re going to strive to actually keep this up throughout the year, since it’s very like us to be very into it for a short period of time before losing interest. I really want to do this though, I think it’d be so nice to go over everything good that happened, inside jokes, things Sadie did, etc at the end of the year. And I made a cute little jar!

IMG_0683Do you set resolutions or goals? Do you try to be super specific, or give yourself broader things to achieve?


  1. I love this mason jar idea, I might try it too! I’ve seen a few similar things also.

    I try to make goals, but I am not always so good at the follow through….
    Lexi recently posted…and I quoteMy Profile

  2. I really want to start wearing make-up more often, because most days I just run off to work without putting a drop on.
    Shoshanah recently posted…101 in 1001My Profile

  3. Your resolutions are awesome.

    #1 hit home for me, because ever since I left the Army I’ve realized how much effort it takes just to put yourself together every day! I really have no excuse. On the days I wear makeup and have a coordinated outfit, I get SO many compliments. This years I’m really going to try to make an effort!

    The rest of your resolutions are ones I could work on too. Friendships as adults are so much more difficult to maintain, and comparing yourself to others can really bring you down because that grass is always greener. Just be yourself, and love it!

    P.S. Your beer blog rules. We home brew and my boyfriend just got hired by a new brewery here in TN. Love it!
    Aubrey recently posted…My Goals for 2013My Profile

  4. Gosh these are fantastic goals. Very similar to mine – I actually did my eye make up today and “coordinated” an outfit rather than just throwing on what “matched” and was clean

    Good luck with your goals!
    BakingSuit recently posted…For the rough days you’ve survived and may face in the futureMy Profile

  5. I love the mason jar idea! I’ll have to do that when I get home from NY. 🙂 Thanks for the idea!
    nonsequiturchica recently posted…2012 RecapMy Profile

  6. love the memory idea, so cute!

    & i definitely need to work on being a better friend. it’s so easy to let some friendships fall by the wayside and i really don’t want that to happen. also, stop comparing is an every day goal for me. i always find myself comparing my life or my issues to other people and really i just need to stop it.

    we can do it! hurrah goals!
    katelin recently posted…A Bit About Some Goals.My Profile


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