8 Months Old!!

Sadie Baby,

You turned eight months old on the 27th. Hooray for me posting this in the same month for once! But really – you are eight months old. How did this happen? How will you be a year old in just four more months?

Weight/Length- You won’t have an official wellness visit until next month, but I’d have to guess that you’re about 27 inches long, and at least 17 pounds. It seems like you’ve packed on quite a bit of weight recently, but yet you’re still a little peanut! My perfect little girl. 🙂

Eating- We give you more and more “real” food now, and you seem to like everything. You especially love bread, puffs, pickles, cucumbers and french fries. You’ve also had meatballs, steak, spaghetti, ham, pepperoni and more. We are trying to see if you are moving up to 8oz bottles across the day, since you seem to be hungrier recently. I don’t know where it all goes though!

Sleep– Because of all the holiday craziness, and your schedule being thrown off, and also teething, your sleep schedule has been all out of whack. You’ve been sleeping through the night, but getting up at the ungodly hour of 4:45 or 5am the last few days. You’ve missed naps, feedings, etc because of everything going on, so it’s been rough. But we’ve been trying to get you back on track, and I know back to daycare will help.

Clothes- Still squeezing into some 3 month onesies, 6 month sleepers, and 6 or 9 month pants. I will squeeze every last use of clothing possible before I have to put them away!

Appearance- YOU HAVE A TOOTH!! Your Auntie Adrienne found it first (which she’ll deny – IT’S ON THE BLOG ADRIENNE- IT’S OFFICIAL!) but your first tooth broke through on Christmas Day. The 2nd one looks like it’s going to make its appearance at any moment, and your gummy grin hasn’t become any less adorable with the addition of that little tooth. Recently you’ve been showing off your daddy’s red cheeks when you’re warm, and it just adds to your cuteness. And your hair continues to get blonder and blonder, and those big eyes stay dark blue. You are delicious.

Personality- You’re just so happy Sadie! You have learned the fake cry now, but usually I can make it go away with a distraction of some kind. Otherwise you’re always smiling and babbling away. You don’t shut up! “Dadadada” “Babababa” “Mamama” “Nananana” and more. And you shriek all the time. If it weren’t so cute, it would be annoying. You also want to everywhere and in everything. You crawl all over the house and pull yourself up on everything. Recently you have been forgetting that you don’t have balance yet, and have been letting go while standing up. I fear that steps are in our future soon! SLOW DOWN BABY GIRL! SLOW DOWN!

Milestones- Definitely your first tooth! Other than that I can’t say you’ve had any other real milestones this month, other than just growing, growing, growing! Oh wait, that’s a lie. You did have your first double ear infection, and were so congested that you had to be “sucked out” at the doctor’s office. That was not fun. 🙁 And also your first trip on the LIRR, where you proceeded to charm the pants off of everyone around you. (Shocker.)

Likes- puffs, yogurt melts, stuffed animals, standing at the coffee table, crawling under the coffee table, pulling up on our legs, playing with magnets on the fridge, being “thrown” (either at someone or in the air), playing peekaboo, anyone’s necklace that’s holding you, pulling clothes out of the laundry basket.

Dislikes– Being strapped into your carseat, the Roomba (you follow it around and refused to be on the floor when it’s going), nap time, being left alone.

I love seeing you grow and progress, but at the same time, I would love to make time stop, because it’s going by way too fast. Sadie – you make our days better. Your smiles and giggles make us smile and laugh. And you never cease to amaze and entertain us. We love you Sadie Cakes!


  1. I just love her little ponytail!
    Sho recently posted…Mailbox Monday (17)My Profile

  2. I can’t believe she is already 8 months old! What a great smile in the first picture!
    nonsequiturchica recently posted…2012 RecapMy Profile

  3. Ahaha I love that Sadie doesn’t like the roomba. I haven’t even seen her in 6 months – let’s plan an LI visit soon??
    Arielle recently posted…Single Solo DatesMy Profile


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