My Psychic Medium Experience

Last week I went to a “Medium Dinner” with two of my aunts, two of their friends, and my dad. My aunts had been to one before, and when I heard they were going to another one, I invited myself along. I’m obsessed with Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium (who lives SO CLOSE to me – HELLO NEIGHBOR!!) and have a random fascination with Mediums and that sort of thing. I’ve never been to a seance, and I totally played with Ouija boards when I was younger, but never did anything like this.

You know your friend was moving it!The dinner was hosted at Jameson’s in Floral Park, and you pay like $65 for a three course meal, and then the Medium experience. I didn’t know what to expect. Would the guy come over to us? Would he say something that would shake me to the core? (I watch too much Long Island Medium – everyone is always crying and shocked.)

To be honest, the first half of the evening was boring. Obviously we wanted the guy to come over to our table and read us right away, but the “spirits” had other plans. He hit probably three or four tables before ours, but the people were SO ANNOYING. In the beginning, both he and his assistant said to not give anything away, and to also answer the questions with “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”. Or some answer similar to that. He didn’t want to say, “I am seeing a male figure who died in a car accident.” and for someone to respond, “Yes! My Uncle George twice removed was hit by a runaway VW Beetle!”. He wanted to get to those points by the information that he was being given by the deceased, and to pass that along to you. With that being said, all of these people couldn’t get it right! He would say something super specific, like “Did someone have a family member who was shot through the eye, either by an arrow, bullet, etc?” and the group he was focusing on (he never generally asked the crowd – always a specific table/group) would stare at him blankly or say no, and then he’d spend so much time pushing the point until finally someone was like, “Oh yeah – my grandmother wore an eye patch – she lost her eye.” WHERE WERE YOU 10 MINUTES AGO?? So dumb. We were bored to the point that my dad and aunts were drawing pictures and playing Hangman on the paper tablecloths and provided crayons.

Finally the Medium swung around to our table and said he was going to come talk to us. I immediately perked up and sat up at attention. He said he was getting a message from someone that had a facial disfigurement – almost as if something was making one side of their face sag or look deformed, and they had to have something removed from it to make them look normal. We all looked at each other – it didn’t make sense! Until finally it seemed to dawn on my Aunt Susie and I at the same time and she said yes. The Medium asked who that person was to her, and she replied that it was her mother – my grandmother. My grandmother’s face on the left side was distorted before she passed away due to gum cancer. The Medium looked my aunt right in the eye and says, “Your mother is expressing to me that you were very devoted to her before she passed. And that you took her out in public when she disfigured and you didn’t care that she looked different and people stared.” All true, and the tears started to fall down my aunt’s face.

The Medium dug into that a bit more, and then said he was getting a name that sounded like “Sally, or Sandy”. I spoke up and said, “Sadie?” When he asked who Sadie was, and I said my daughter – he then looked at my aunt and I and said, “Your mother (points to my aunt) is honoring your daughter (points to me). Sadie would have been her first great-grandaughter.


He went into detail about a few more things, and mentioned names of family members both living and deceased. And then we ran out of time. All in all, it was a weird experience. I wish he would have gone into more detail, or brought up specific things (like Theresa Caputo does) but it was still pretty wild to hear the things coming out of his mouth about my grandmother and stuff. I’m not sure I would go to another dinner, but my aunts and I are talking about doing a private home reading to hopefully get more from the experience.

Would you go to a psychic medium? Or have you?


  1. What and interesting experience! I have been to a psychic twice. It was a one on one session which was really neat. If you get the chance to do one of those, I completly recommend it!
    Brooke: Not On A Diet recently posted…Meatless Monday: Veggie TacosMy Profile

  2. Having a psychic reading is on my bucket list. I am fascinated by all this stuff. I could watch LIM all day!

  3. I had my palm read once and she was spot on with what would happen to me over the next two years and what had already happened. It was incredibly creepy, in fact. I would definitely go to a medium! I find it so interesting and fascinating.
    Nora recently posted…A-Wreathin’ We Will GoMy Profile

  4. Oh wow, this is so cool! I’d love to do something like this. What a cool experience! I’m totally going to look into it and see if we have something similar around here. Awesome!
    Sara recently posted…New Mommy Confessions – Part 9My Profile

  5. I remember watching an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where Kyle brought the girls to a medium, and thinking it seemed a little ridiculous. Of course in the past year since my mom died, if been thinking about it more, and at least part of me is hoping that it’s real.
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  6. Some things were cool at the “reading”, others were a little unclear.Being with you & your Aunts were the best part of the “show”. If MOM was really there a pyschic slipper would have hit me.

  7. Wow, incredible post, definitely something I was not expecting when I began to read! I love that the medium actually spoke to you about your grandmother and made it clear what the person wanted to get across. These things typically frighten me as I think it is a little creepy to hear about the dead but when it comes to these things, it could also be very therapeutic.Thanks so much for sharing, its a great read!


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