7 months old!

Dear Sadie,

It seems like I just posted your six month update. (Which is true because I’m a horrible slacker mother who didn’t get to that one on time, and now didn’t get to this one on time. Does it count that at least your pictures are taken on time? No? Oh well.)

Weight/Length- Since you didn’t have a seven month check up, I’d guess that you’re about 26 inches long now, but maybe only 15 pounds. You unfortunately lost some weight when you had that awful stomach virus and weren’t eating well for a week (or you were eating well, but then throwing it all back up), so you probably don’t weigh as much as you would have otherwise. We’re trying to pack that back on though!

Eating- You LOVE cucumbers. And your puffs. If you could live off of puffs and cucumber slices you’d be a happy little girl. Still 6-8oz of formula, and whatever baby food we give you. We’re trying to give you more table food (people food? adult food?) whenever we can, and your cousin Jackson was apparently feeding you chicken nuggets last week. NICE.

Sleep– Fingers crossed, you’ve been SO GOOD recently. (You’re so waking up at 5am tomorrow, I know it.) You still go down around 8pm, usually falling asleep while finishing your bottle, and you’ve been pushing your wake up time to around 6:15 – 6:30, which is still so early, but is so much better than 5am, trust me.

Clothes- Your clothing sizes are so varied! I can still get you into most 3-month onesies easily, usually Carters brand cause they’re long. Pants you need 6-months if not 9-months for your long legs, and you can also wear 9-month sleepers, due to your height. Craziness! I am going to wear out those 3-month onesies for as long as I can though! The other day I found a newborn onesie of yours and I couldn’t get over how small you were, and how when you were first brought home from the hospital, that size was big on you! WHERE DID MY BABY GO?? Oh yeah, right here.

Appearance- Still pretty! Everyone comments on either how pretty you are, or how small you are. It’s getting old! (Just kidding! Will never get old. EVER.)

Personality- You continue to be one happy baby. All you want to do now is crawl around, stand up, play with anything you can get your hands on, and hang out with Daddy and I. You have no fear of strangers, and will smile at anything and everything. But yet some people think you are a serious baby, but Daddy and I know you are just taking things in. Studying your surroundings, as it were. My parents say that I used to do the same thing as a baby.

Milestones- You are pulling up on EVERYTHING. You also stood up in your crib this week, which means time to lower the crib mattress! You also had your first weekend away from us at the end of November, and both you, Grandma and Grandpa survived, regardless of the “toxic dump” that you released when left alone with Grandpa. You’re very lucky Aunt Ilene was there to help, because Grandpa probably would have taken you out back and hosed you down. By the way – he will be telling this story at your wedding. Mark my words. And… you had your first chicken nugget? Yay?

Likes- crawling, standing, your pop-up toy, cucumbers, puffs, Daddy playing any instrument, being “thrown” onto our bed, eating paper and cardboard, twirling your hair while drinking your bottle, playing with the foot pedals on the trashcans (so hygienic)

Dislikes– Laying still to have your diaper changed, the Roomba (you were once directly in it’s path and freaked out. I blame Daddy), not being fed fast enough, being in your car seat for too long, really bad poops, being left alone.

Nicknames- Sadie Faye, Lil’ Girl, Lovey-Boo, Monkey Face, Skutchy, Princess, Peanut, Baby Girl, Pretty, Toots. I have about a thousand names for you!

Sadie you’re closer to a year old now than to when you were born (if that makes sense). I can’t to see how you grow in the next five months, but please, please don’t rush me! I swear, if you start walking on your own next week, I will shut down and cry.



  1. eeee what a smiley little lady, love it.
    katelin recently posted…A little bit of Christmas.My Profile

  2. Pretty, smiley girl! Can’t believe she’s more than half a year old already!
    Suburban Sweetheart recently posted…I’ve Got a City Love: A Tribute to the Strangers of Washington, D.C.My Profile


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