No ticket!

Sunday found me hopping on the LIRR for the purpose of putting a few hours of work in at my office. Not something I normally do, or really want to do, but I knew if I went, I’d be in much better shape Monday. And all in all, it was uneventful, minus my boss scaring the crap out of me when he came in unexpectedly.

Plus I remembered my keys, which I never have with me and didn’t set off the alarm, which is always a plus.

I caught a 4:45 train to go home and prepared to zone out (as usual) when suddenly a guy bursts into our car looking for the ticket taker (do they have a more official title than ticket taker?)

“Sir, sir! One of the other conductors is holding down a passenger in the other car!โ€

The two of them bolted, followed by a third guy who at a quick glance seemed to be an off duty or plain clothes cop, or at least I hope, due to the gun holster I thought I saw at his side. Another guy near me was rummaging in his bag for something, and I saw him pull out plastic restraints like these:


And tucked them behind his back before making his way into the other car. (P.S. I just googled “plastic restraints” and immediately thought that someone would have a field day with my search history due to that one.)

Of course my fellow passengers and I were craning our necks to see what was going on, but to no avail. Within a few more minutes the people who ran to help from our car started heading back to their seats and from a girl near me who was ballsy enough to ask (I’m a wuss) I learned that there was a fight between two passengers and they’d be kicked off at the next stop.

While I’m glad it wasn’t anything more serious, and that it didn’t delay our train, I do kind of wish that it would have played out more like a, โ€ No ticket!โ€ situation:



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