I freakin LOVE food trucks – Food Truck Rally @ Grand Army Plaza

You guys remember Street Food Fridays? Where Doniree, Jess, Gretchen and I roamed the streets looking for and sampling all the tasty food trucks that our respective cities had to offer? Why’d we stop that again? Oh right, because I stupidly thought that all food trucks stopped during the winter, which is NOT TRUE, FYI. ๐Ÿ™‚ (P.S. Ladies, we should totally bring that series back.)


Yesterday I ventured out to Brooklyn to hit up the Food Truck Rally at Grand Army Plaza with my BFF Allison and her wonderful man Hiram. (Otherwise known as Sadie’s Aunt Allison and Tio Hiram.) Every third Sunday of the month from June through October a bunch of different food trucks gather at this one spot for everyone to come, enjoy the food and the scenery. Dave and I tried a LOT of different trucks when we went last year, and this year was no exception, even though it was just Sadie and I with our friends. I made it a point to try and hit all (or most) of the trucks I haven’t been to yet. Have to say, I was pretty happy with how I did!

100_0455First stop was the Taim Mobile falafel and smoothie truck. The three of us shared a falafel pita and I had pretty high expectations considering how AMAZING the CRISP on Wheels Truck was when I hit that up. Well, I failed to get a picture of the falafel pita itself because a) I was breastfeeding and having Allison feed me at the same time and b) we DEMOLISHED it in a matter of minutes. Whoops! Needless to say that speaks volumes for the falafel – the balls were moist (TWSS?) and the Israeli salad was perfectly seasoned. It was light, refreshing, and perfect to eat on a hot, muggy day. I need to make it a point to hit up Taim again whenever they park by my office!

100_0462Next on my list was the Snap Food Truck. I remember being confused by the name of this truck when it first came out and I saw it on twitter, but then I realized it was a hotdog truck, and it made more sense. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I smart sometimes.) There’s five different dog options on their menu (including an avocado dog for all you veggies), and after pondering for about two minutes, I knew I had to go whole hog (HAHAHA!) and get the Chicago Dog.

This pains me to say, but I think I need a do-over with the Chicago Dog. Wah wahh. Maybe I just don’t care for the Chicago style dog, but I thought the hotdog to toppings ratio was way off, and there was too much topping for my liking. I also couldn’t get my mouth around it (geez) and therefore was getting bites that were either only hotdog, or only topping. I did love the celery salt that is lightly dusted on the whole concoction, but wished that it was more than a slight dusting. The wait for the hotdog, even just to order, was long compared to other trucks. BUT I did love that the Snap Food Truck runs off of recycled peanut oil from their deep fryer – that’s AWESOME!

100_0466Since I had the hotdog, we decided that we needed some fries to go with it, so off to Frites and Meats it was! Since we only had the frites and did not partake in the meats, I’ll definitely be searching for this truck again to give their burgers a shot. We stuck fairly simple with our frites and didn’t get any Sassy Sauces, but I loved the fries regardless! They were cooked perfectly – hot and crispy, but not baked TO a crisp – and came in a cute newspaper wrapping with a lollipop on the side!


After all this hot food, it was time to cool off. There was ice cream available, but I bypassed it and headed straight for the Andy’s Italian Ices truck. I’m not going to lie, I was overwhelmed with the list of flavors and made a rash decision when asked what I was having. “Uhh… umm… oohhhh… crap… STRAWBERRY BANANA!” It was a rough decision, trust me. I was also keeping my fingers crossed that the ices wouldn’t be overwhelmingly strawberry-ey, because sometimes I find that to be too tart. When my ices came out and they were mostly yellow in color, I knew I had picked perfectly – the ice should be called Banana Strawberry, because it was definitely more banana-ey in flavor with hints and chunks of strawberry thrown in. Dee-licious! (Ices do not come with baby pictured in the background.) You can also get your ices to go in this sweet take-home cup, which I really wanted, but ultimately decided against adding to the growing clutter in my kitchen cabinets. (Maybe next time though ;).) Can’t wait to have Andy’s again!

100_0474And last, but certainly not least, I picked up a refreshing palate cleanser for the ride home from the Green Pirate Juice Truck. (Love the hand painted truck!) I love making green monster smoothies, so I figured I’d get the Green Pirate juice, since it reminded me of a green monster. It’s got spinach, celery, cucumber, apple, lemon and ginger. Unfortunately they ran out of apple, so they substituted with pineapple.

The juice was good, but definitely gingery. I think it would be better with the apple instead of pineapple though. It didn’t reek of pineapple, but I’m sure the apple makes the juice much sweeter, and then tones down the ginger. I’m glad I had it though, it came through during my trip home which took SO LONG due to bumper to bumper traffic part of the way through. With a crying baby in the backseat. #SUCKED. Thank you GP Juice Truck for making the ride bearable!

If you’re in the Brooklyn area on the third Sunday of the month until October, make it a point to hit up the Food Truck Rally. And come with an empty stomach! Or lots of friends so you can try everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, hi to Steve from StreetGrubEveryday.com who we met at the rally. Maybe we’ll run into you at another food truck soon!


  1. We had so much fun with you and Sadie!!! The falafel was SO good, another indication, was Hiram actually ate one piece, then went back for seconds and thirds, he’s not the biggest fan of falafel. Let’s do it again before the end in October!

  2. Awesome post Lacey, and even more awesome-r to have met you yesterday! (Cool blog btw, and I’m still jealous of your card!) And great writeup on Taim, I’ve been meaning to check them out after my own awesome Crisp on Wheels lunch. I had the kobe burger from Frites and Meats along with their fries with sassy garlic aioli and let me tell you both were badass!! I’ll let you know when my pics are up!

  3. Everything looks/sounds delicious, even the Chicago dog, because I’m imagining the one I tasted that rocked my entire world, and my mouth is watering.

    I’m a little sad I can’t order ices with a side of adorable baby, but you know. Such is life.

    Glad you enjoyed.


  4. Where’s the short bus food truck? ๐Ÿ™‚

    This is why I need to live in a city. Food trucks. There don’t seem to be those OR carts in our downtown area. Bummer. ๐Ÿ™

  5. I was SO jealous when you checked in at that! Looks like an amazing time. And yes, we need to revisit Street Food Friday!

  6. Theres a food truck in Seattle that I’m gonna miss El Camion. Their fish tacos are insanely tasty. You and Jess would die.

  7. I went to Taim in Greenwich Village while J-Mo and I were in NYC and fell absolutely in love. So! Delicious!


  8. Sweet Jesus, I need to get back to NYC immediately & EAT SOME FOOD.


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