A nice, low key celebration

Man this last week just FLEW by. With Independence Day and visiting my office with Sadie and just running around during Dave’s first full week off, it’s been a whirlwind. Not to mention Sadie was a major cranky baby last week (I think she was having a growth spurt), which put a damper on my internet-ing. But I wanted to recap my birthday, since it was low key and basically perfect.

Dave had the foresight to ask my parents to babysit Sadie, which they of course said yes to. We drove out to Queens, got some delicious Panera for breakfast and dropped her off to be loved on by her grandparents. We ran off to the city and saw Moonrise Kingdom at our favorite movie theater. I love Wes Anderson movies and this was no exception. Such a good cast, and a great movie!


After the movie we had some time to kill until dinner, so we walked downtown and stopped into Eataly.


I’ve never actually never been all the way inside, just in a small part of the market, even though I work nearby. But man, this place is HUGE. We wandered around for a bit, and then decided to indulge and sit down for some glasses of wine and a delicious meat and cheese plate.


The cheese menu, their old-school meat slicer and the meat menu

This was VERY expensive (at least to us) but it was definitely something I’d say to do once, if you’re in New York City and want a nice treat.


Meats and cheeses yummm


Us on my birthday!

After we had our fill, we headed off for even MORE food! We had dinner reservations at Junoon, thanks to an awesome Groupon Dave picked up. I took no pictures of the food, because I was too busy inhaling it, but our Groupon came with two appetizers, two entrees, a glass of wine for each of us and dessert. AMAZING Indian food – but good thing we had that deal otherwise our meal would have been super pricey.

It was a perfect birthday, in my opinion. And it didn’t stop there! On Tuesday I got a call that flowers were being delivered for me. Turns out they went to our old apartment, but luckily our old neighbors held them for me, and I picked them up the next day. Brand About Town and Nintendo always send the most beautiful flowers!


And no, my birthday STILL wasn’t over! Friday we had a clam bake at my sister and brother-in-law’s house, per my incessant bugging request. And Jay, my bro-in-law, went ALL OUT. Clams, mussels, kielbasa, corn, potatoes and LOBSTAHS!!!!!!!!!!


Let me tell you – you would think that no one in our family had eaten before the way we carried on and got shells and juices all over the place. It was amazing.

Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday!



  1. Eataly is on my “NY eats” list, it looks so tasty!Glad you had such a fabulous birthday, wee birthdays!

  2. Week long birthday celebrations? UH YES PLEASE.

    Also, you look amazing. Go ahead girlfriend.

  3. I loved Eataly, I can’t imagine a better way to spend an evening! Happy Birthday Week!



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