Take a left? Right! So go right? No! Left!

Well hello there! We’re finally getting settled in the house, and can see each other past the boxes! And we have internet – très importante! I’ve got house updates, and Sadie’s one month update (never mind the fact that she’ll be six weeks old on Friday!) but right now we need to discuss something very important.

I can’t tell my left from my right.

Hangs heads in shame.

This is a big problem when I’m driving around my new neighborhood trying to find my way around. I don’t know what it is – but something in my brain does not let me distinguish the two from each other. It’s bad to the point where I know I will need to turn left, but I’ll turn right.

Sometimes the hand trick doesn’t even help! You know, where you take your thumb and pointer fingers on each hand, stick them straight out, and then left hand makes an “L”, so you can tell that’s left? Just me? Okay then.

I’ve literally gone the wrong way out of my neighborhood at least four times since we’ve moved in. I know that I have to go a certain way, but for whatever reason, I seem to go the other way on autopilot.

How can I be 28 (almost 29) and not know my left from my right? Am I alone here?

And let’s not talk about the time I got lost underneath an apple tree.  True story.



  1. OMG, me too!
    It’s so embarassing sometimes. I hate giving directions or driving places with GPS. I’m so bad at Right and Left. I seriously think it’s due to a mild form of undiagnosed dyslexia.

  2. I’m 32 and have given up on any hope of ever knowing the difference and I’m fairly certain that those around me have too. Don’t get me wrong, if I stop and think about it, I do know, but most often I have too much going on to stop and think.

  3. adrienne says

    Totally not just you. When I played soccer in HS my coach taped an L and an R on my cleats. Don’t tell Jay this, it will only make his case against me stronger. Also hangs head in shame.

  4. Obviously the only way to remedy this is to get “left” and “right” tattooed on your wrists.

    I get tripped up when someone says “my right.” Even though logically that means my left, I usually do an awkward dance where I turn so my back is to the person talking so I can establish where their “right” is and then coordinate with my own body once I turn back around.


  5. Maria Florencia says

    You are definitely not alone! Every time I have to give directions as the passenger in a car it turns into a mess. I just end up pointing and saying “go that way.” Not very helpful for the person trying to watch the road…

  6. I do the same thing! Certain people already know that most times when I say right, I mean left, that they ask, “are you sure you don’t mean left”. Super embarrassing.

  7. Same way here. When I was in girl’s basketball in school, the coach got so flustered that he actually DREW an L and an R on my shoes to prove a point, ha ha! Didn’t help 🙂

  8. I have to use my hands all the time. At work I’ll type formulas in excel and want to add the left 3 digits or something similar, except every time I have to look at my hands and I still wind up typing left when I really mean right.

  9. Ah! I’m also a grown adult who often has to stop and think when someone says left or right. I find that if I don’t stop and think about it and just go with it I’m fine. But if I hesitate for even a second the hands come up to help. lol


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