Things new parents say…

Lacey: Am I the only crazy one who checks that the baby is still breathing?
Dave: No, I check too.
Lacey: Okay good. Not just me then.

After speaking to a few other parents, I know we’re not the only ones!

Dave: Where did you put Sadie’s bippy?
Lacey: Her what?
Dave: Her bippy.
Lacey: WTF is a bippy?
Dave: You know, her bippy… her pacifier…
Lacey: You call it a bippy??
Dave: Yeah…what do you call it?
Lacey: Uhh, I call it a paci… you know… like pacifier.
Dave: Paci? Yeah it’s a bippy.

What do you call a pacifier if you have a nickname for it?

Lacey: Can you post that picture you took of Sadie in her ladybug outfit?
Dave: Yeah I’ll do it.

[2 hours later]

Lacey: Hey I went on your phone and posted that picture of Sadie in the ladybug outfit for you, since you weren’t doing it.
Dave: Okay.
Lacey: You know, cause I’m the only one posting pictures of her for everyone on Facebook.
Dave: Yeah, that’s cause you’re a girl. That’s what girls do – they post pictures of cute babies and things and coo over them.

I can’t really argue with this, can I?

Dave: Oh look! I got a smile! Sadie smiled for me!
Lacey: It might be gas.
Dave: I’m going to count it as a smile.

Whatever makes him happy πŸ™‚


  1. I called it a Nuk (like “nook”). I never knew why but I think it’s because it’s a brand of pacifiers? Weird. My husband calls them Nuk, Binky or Paci. Lord help our kid, LOL!

  2. I’ve got to say, I’m never heard bippy OR paci. We always called it a nook…

  3. I called mine my “nuppie.” And at some point I lost it and cried hysterically for days.

  4. Aileen Johnston says:

    In the UK everyone calls a “pacifier” a dummy. I have no idea why but had never heard pacifier (paci) until I started speaking to Americans.

  5. adrienne says:

    We call it a bow bow. I think that’s what Bella called it ages ago when Frank was addicted to it.

  6. I call it a Paci, my husband calls it his mute button or just mute for short. I’ve also referred to it as a sucker before. Never a bippy though. That’s weird πŸ™‚

  7. I’m a paci/pacifier person, but I’ve heard it called ALL kinds of weird things… But never bippy before, that’s new to me! πŸ™‚

  8. a. way to take charget and get that adorable ladybug picture out to the masses ASAP!
    b. in my family, we called the paci (which seems to be what most other people I know call it) a pucky? Shortened to puck. Which is fitting — I come from a hockey family.

  9. haha love these.

  10. Ladybug! So cute πŸ™‚
    My family called pacifiers “soo-soos” (from soother, I guess) growing up but since G is too stubborn to use one, Shawn and I don’t really have our own name for them.

  11. We called a pacifier a “plug.”(Get it? To “plug” up the crying?) I was completely surprised to learn it was really called a pacifier once I got a little older.

  12. I always said “pacifier,” except that my sister (and others I know) call it a “nook” because of the brand (Nuk).

  13. Bahaha! Cracking up!!!
    My parents and I called my pacifier a “tutu” or… “tootoo” or “toto” – I don’t know the spelling, but yeah. Don’t ask me why, I have NO idea!

  14. I always called pacifiers a “paci” until Turner started calling his a “ginky”…they’ve been ginkys every since…I just went to BrU to buy some supplies for baby #2 and found myself asking if they had MAM ginkys in size 0!! That was awkward…


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