Moving Limbo

I’ve heard that house closings are a pain. Hell, I’ve even heard that they’re awful. But I don’t think that anything really prepared me for how ridiculous it actually is. Especially when you’re 9 1/2 months pregnant.

The bank is a major player in our problems (as one might expect).ย  You’d think that expressing repeatedly to the bank that we want to be all moved in before my due date would have helped speed things along. Or at least they would help ensure that we had all the important paperwork squared away from the get go. Nah. It seems our bank liked playing a game where they’d ask us for 27 pieces of paperwork, which were needed IMMEDIATELY, only to then, three days later, need nine more things AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.ย  A checklist detailing everything that we could possibly need to provide would have been awesome, so Dave and I didn’t have to scramble around like mad people trying to get everything to them faster than the speed of light.

Also nice was how one of the bank agents involved in the process straight up lied to us about a closing date, when in reality the bank is not supposed to make promises of any kind regarding closing dates. Sigh.

Or let’s talk now about the seller of our house who has had since FEBRUARY, when we first signed the contract, to go to court and get his executor status taken care of (its an estate sale), only to find out now that he hasn’t done it yet. I know our real estate agent, who I adore, as well as our attorney, who also rocks, have communicated the sense of urgency from our end repeatedly. Why did he wait so freaking long?!?

Normally, I’d be flipping out over all of this. I’m sure from the above ranting it sure seems like that’s what I’m doing. But in reality, I’m eerily calm, at least for me. I mean, this sucks.

  • 38 weeks pregnant
  • Working full time
  • Living in an apartment full of boxes
  • And a house closing in a perpetual state of limbo

How am I coping? To be honest, one of my preferred methods is what I like to refer to as my happy little bubble. Lalalalala! Everything is great in the bubble! Sunshine and lollipops and rainbows yay!!

Other calming practices include:

  • Deep breathing – I consider it good practice for labor.
  • Prenatal yoga – I haven’t done this nearly enough during my pregnancy, but now seems like a really good time to pick it up again.
  • Wine – I allowed myself the tiniest smidgen of wine the other night (by this point in pregnancy, baby is full term) and it was glorious. Granted I probably won’t imbibe again until after she’s born, but it was very nice.

In a perfect world, we’d somehow be moved in before Baby Bean makes her appearance. More realistically, it looks like she’ll be resting like a queen as her daddy and I unpack all the boxes, and make her house a home.


*I was compensated for this post, but not for the frustrations. You Move Free would be a godsend right now to help with all of our moving troubles.


  1. ahhh yes. As someone who works at a law firm that specializes in real estate transactions (mostly commercial) I hear your pain. Anytime you put “lawyer” and “bank” in the same sentence shit gets screwey. Throw in estates issues with the executor and I’d probably be curled up in a ball in the corner mumbling to myself.

    so kudos for maintaining sanity!

  2. Oh boy. I know how much of a pain real estate closings can be- but trying to handle all of the delays when Little Bean is almost due? Yikes. I hope you stay sane throughout the process- it will be worth it in the end!

  3. i totally think this phrase is overused but: THIS!

    i am going through literally the exact same situation – minus the fetus, which must make this just so much more insane. we are buying a short sale, in another state, and have until next friday (!) to close this or it’s all over…and we have been in process since JANUARY! every time it goes to the underwriter, it takes three days to decide that nope, we need more information which i fly around trying to get only to sit there wondering for three more days if i am, in fact, moving to a house and new state in less than a month, or not! i feel your pain, at least you will have a cuuuuute little baby to make things all better!

    i know that it will all be fine but holy shiz this has been an experience but i do actually feel better knowing that someone else is experiencing the same thing, even if it is a miserable one…i am not alone! =) good luck!!

  4. Yikes, I’m nervous now. We just signed the paperwork today to buy a house and are in the process of the bank stuff (fortunately they did give us a checklist but I”m sure they will need more). I hope that your situation gets handled quickly! Oh, and the bubble thing? I can totally relate because I have some weird stuff going on too and I just ignore it, live in a bubble and pretend it’s all ok. At least, some of the time! Thinking of you!

  5. oh man that does not sound pleasant. hopefully everything comes together soon so you can move from your bubble right into your new home, woo.

  6. Aileen Johnston says

    A smidgen of wine is not going to harm the baby, in fact my belief is that it will help you relax which is far better for the baby than you being stressed. I have had 2.5 glasses of champagne in the last 2 months and my midwife was completely happy with that.

    Hope you get everything sorted out soon!

  7. I’m not sure how you’re holding it all together, but props to you for remaining calm. I’m still a couple of weeks behind you pregnancy wise, not buying a house or moving, and I still feel frazzled most days.

  8. I hope things work out soon. Postpartum hormones are no joke — I hope you can relax a bit after the baby arrives. Even rearranging furniture had me on the verge of tears at times. Stay strong ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. We’ve started seriously talking about buying a house and, as excited as I am about that future decision, I’m also dreading it. It’ll be a few years because we need to save the money for a down payment… but I’m already anxious! May I join you in your happy bubble?

  10. Our closing went just like this as well. We were expecting to close in December, but didn’t. We had flown to California for Christmas, except twice, on separate days, were called needing to fax more paperwork in.

    And one of the best parts was that they told the home owners insurance we’d be closing, except we didn’t then. So since that policy wasn’t paid by the bank in time, they had to issue a 2nd insurance policy to us once we actually did close.


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