Baby Bean’s first photo shoot (kind of)

A few weeks ago my friend Rachel asked me if I wanted to do a maternity photo shoot with her in the city.  Some of you may remember Rachel as a blogger.  She doesn’t really blog anymore, but if you weren’t aware she’s an AMAZING photographer – so good that she was able to leave her job to pursue her career in photography full time!  Anyway, we found a date that worked for both of us, and this past Sunday Dave and I met Rachel and her friend Kiesha in the city to roam around and take pictures.  And lucky for us the weather was gorgeous!!  Here are some of my favorite shots:




At Joe and the Art of Coffee – the site of our first date!



And the Brooklyn Bridge, where Dave proposed 🙂

We were ALL over the city – Rachel had the blisters and I had the sore back to prove it! But it was so much fun. While I love Rachel as a friend, it was great to get to know her as a photographer, and see her work. She’s great! I was already at ease since I know her, but nothing ever felt awkward. I don’t think I’m a good picture taker, and I never felt weird or like anything I was doing in front of the camera was forced. That to me is the earmark of a great photographer. 🙂 And I think the pictures definitely prove it. I can’t wait for her to come back and shoot us with Sadie once she’s here!!!

You can find the full set of pictures here.

And check out the Hello, Gorgeous photography blog and website!


  1. Oh, how cute is this. I really like the one in the restaurant.

  2. Yay pics!

  3. Aw, I love these! Especially love that first dress you’re wearing. I haven’t had any real maternity pics taken yet. Now I kind of want to!

  4. Love the pictures! Rachel did a great job!

  5. I love all of these!

  6. Great photos!

  7. Simply gorgeous.

  8. Where are you finding all these cute maternity dresses?? I can’t find anything!

    Gorgeous photos!

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous!! You look great Lacey!! =)

  10. Love these! Hope Rachel will be my engagement photog whenever the time comes. 🙂

  11. seriously adore these pictures so much. love the one with both hands on your tummy, so sweet.

  12. Adorable pictures. I love them!!

  13. Very cute!

  14. You look beautiful! Enjoy these last days/weeks 🙂

  15. Aw awesome pictures!!! 🙂


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