Menu Monday 4.16.12 – to the freezer!

Menu MondayThis week is kind of a wash when it comes to meal planning. Dave has a show at school on Thursday so he’ll be working late pretty much every night until then, and we (fingers crossed fingers crossed fingers crossed) will be (hopefully!!!) closing on our house on Friday, so it’s packing all day, every day!!  And rummaging around our fridge/pantry for meals.  😉

However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have time to make meals for our freezer stockpile!! To date so far we’ve got:

This week I want to knock out:

  • Vodka Sauce – I usually triple the recipe to make a huge batch of sauce.
  • Shredded Chicken Tacos – another one where I’ll just throw all the ingredients into a large Ziplock, and freeze!

And I’m not sure how much more we can fit in our freezer!! We want to get a freestanding freezer chest for the house, so if we get that soon enough, I’ll be filling that bad boy up too!

Happy cooking!


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