Baby Bean – 36 Weeks!

How far along are you?: 36 weeks – HOLY SH*TBALLS THERE’S ONLY A MONTH LEFT!!  Commence freak out… NOW!!


36 weeks

Check out that WHALE in the middle shot - oh wait, that's me 🙁

Total weight gain:I think about 25 pounds.  The nurse at my doctor’s office was funny during my last check up – she weighed me, and then looked at me and said, “Where is it?” when referring to the weight I’ve gained.  Answer?  Stomach and boobs.  Haha.

How big is baby?: She is a coconut!  This has become a running gag between Arielle and I, really because the produce choices are so random!! But anyway, this means baby is “still in the 17.2- to 18.7-inch and 4.2- to 5.8-pound range and continues to beef up.”  Oy.  I’m pretty sure she’s running out of room in there.

Maternity clothes: So comfy.  🙂  I did find one pair of non-maternity GapBody pants that are INSANELY comfortable, and I’ve been rocking those more often than not.  They’re black – they can pass for real pants! I swear!!  😉

Stretch marks?: None on the stomach.  Maybe I’ll make it this whole time without? That would be lovely.

Sleep: Totally getting worse. I’m up at least twice a night to pee/flip over.  And I don’t feel rested in the morning.  Wah wahhh.  I’ve been going to bed earlier, but getting up for work BLOWS.

Best moment this week: Picking out Sadie’s daycare (SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS PLACE!) and meeting her pediatrician’s office.  Also bringing home the two HUGE bags of gifts for her that my office gifted me with.  They’re so awesome.  Also, non-baby related but kind of, finding out that we’ll hopefully be closing on our house next week!!

Movement: OMG THE HICCUPS!!  Cute, yet kind of annoying.  She’s been in the same position for a few weeks now, so I have feet permanently in my ribs.

Food cravings: Fudgsicles!! Hence why I made my own.  🙂  I’ve also been chugging Arizona Iced Tea “Arnold Palmers” like it’s my job.  Half iced tea, half lemonade.  Yumm.

Food aversions: None.

Labor signs: Maybe? I really have no idea.

Belly button in or out: There is no belly button to speak of.  Super flat!

What I miss: Being able to get up from the couch/bed without pain or discomfort. <— this still rings true from the last update. Also being able to put on socks/boots easily.

What I’m looking forward to: Being in our house.  Unpacking all of her things and being able to put her nursery together. All of the waiting to be over!!  And taking maternity pictures with Rachel!!

Milestone: I guess picking out her daycare and pediatrician are milestones – so glad those are taken care of!!

Other random thoughts: OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S SO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!


  1. Ack! And not to make you more nervous, but I had Abby at 38 weeks. 🙂 That’s only TWO weeks away. 🙂

    I’m so excited for you!!

  2. You look fantastic! I know you don’t feel it (or at least, I don’t) but you are doing great! Can’t believe you guys are moving in the midst of all of this but once you’re in the new digs and settled, things will be smooth sailing. Let’s just hope the little bean stays in there until you’re ready. 😉

  3. SO close!

    I had Landon at 39 weeks, 2 days. You just might go early, you never know 🙂

  4. Wow, 36 weeks already! You look so great!

  5. Yay! You look amazing! Closing on our house was the best day ever, it’s so nice to have a place of our own to bring our baby home too. You have so many exciting things coming up!

  6. oh my goodness she’ll be here so soon. and seriously you are so cute and i have a feeling my reactions will be so similar to yours when i’m pregnant one day, haha. but yay house things and baby things and ah, cannot wait to meet this little one.

  7. You look great!! I can’t believe you only have a few weeks left- so exciting!!

  8. I can’t believe it is so close either! You look absolutely adorable 😉

  9. Woohoo! You’re SO close, woman, and you looks so cute! A whale, you are not.

    Have fun during your photos with Rachel! And I cannot wait to hear more updates from you on sweet Sadie!

  10. You look great!!! Almost there 🙂 I didn’t deliver until 41.5 weeks, but hopefully you won’t have to wait quite so long!! Hope you don’t get any stretch marks — then you’re golden in terms of bouncing back to your old body. I got my first belly stretch marks at 37 weeks 😛


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