Menu Monday 4.9.12

Menu MondayNow that all the holiday madness has passes (I’m in a Passover and Easter food coma), we need to get cookin’! Also need to get freezer meal-ing! I’ve been going at this little by little to stockpile for when the little lady makes her debut and we’re frazzled cross-eyed new parents, but I figure I need to bang out at least 2 freezer meals a week or so for the next few weeks.

When I spotted Copy Cat Trader Joe’s Chili Lime Chicken Burgers on Iowa Girl Eats (Love that blog, btw!) I 1) wanted to make them immediately, if not sooner, and 2) figured I could easily double the recipe (or triple it!) and freeze the patties for later!  (I’ve been really into spicy foods recently, much to Sadie’s delight or chagrin… I can’t tell.)  I’ll probably just use ground turkey instead of chicken since its easier to find, but otherwise I’ll leave the recipe as is.

Since our first foray in quinoa was a success, and I have a pretty full bag of it sitting in my cabinet, I hit up the Pinterest for some ideas and found Quinoa Edamame Salad with Sesame-Ginger Dressing.  Yes please!!  The recipe is from Tone It Up! Blog… I think I may have to check this blog out a bit more to see what other delicious recipes they have!

And we’ll also be consuming Kashmiri Chicken, Cardamom and Saffron Pilau: Spiced Indian Rice, made by Dave. Dave is pretty much the Indian food connoisseur of our household. I didn’t even eat Indian food before I met him – and now I love it!  The recipe sounds SO GOOD!!!  Yummm.

Dave is also making a huge batch of his tomato sauce for the freezer, and I may make some (more) blueberry muffins from the Don’t Panic – Dinner’s in the Freezer cookbook – depending on how much blueberries cost at the grocery store.  They were super easy to make, delicious, and I froze about a dozen of them.  Will be a great snack/breakfast treat when I’m juggling the little one!

Don’t forget to link up over at Rachel’s blog with your menu!


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