My Baby Shower (and mini Baby Bean update)!

Instead of the usual Baby Bean update this week, I wanted to tel you all about my amazing baby shower!!  But for those of you keeping track, here are the Baby Bean stats:

  • 34 weeks along! Only a month and a half to go! (GULP!)
  • Weight gain – approx 25lbs or so.  I think.
  • Baby is the size of a durian – could they have picked a more random fruit?  She apparently weighs around 4.2 pounds to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches.

I’m feeling pretty good, but getting more uncomfortable, especially at night.  I’ve had a few days where (I think) my feet/ankles are swollen, so I’m trying to prop them up whenever I can – I put an exercise ball under my desk at work to help!

Luckily none of this bothered me for my baby shower! It was last Sunday, and held at Tavern 18, a great little restaurant in Queens. My aunt has had a few parties there before, so we knew it would be good. Our private room was the perfect size, and since I have an obsession with affinity for rubber ducks, a few snuck there way into the party. 🙂

Sadie Faye duck

Everyone got a little Sadie Faye ducky to take home!

baby shower duck lantern

Ducky lanterns!

I blatantly stole this idea from Sara, who made owl lanterns for a baby shower she co-hosted. I figured if she could make owls, I could make ducks!! I made boy and girl ones, and I think total it cost me $10 for the paper lanterns (+ S&H) and then I had all the scrapbook paper at home already to make up the duck. I received a lot of great comments on them! And I saved two for Sadie’s room. 🙂

Baby Shower

Me! In all my 33 1/2 week glory. 🙂

A few of you on Facebook commented on the dress I’m wearing. Guess what? It’s not a maternity dress! I found it on ModCloth a few months ago and snagged it. Sadly it’s out of stock right now, but maybe they’ll bring it back!

baby shower mom

My Mommy and I (I'm not usually taller than her - I'm just in killer platform wedges)

baby shower girls

The ladies and I

My baby shower was mainly family, with a very small group of friends. Dave and I are planning on having a housewarming/baby shower BBQ when we are in the new house. Or depending if we get into the house after she’s born – it’ll be a housewarming/meet the baby party!!

baby shower gifts

The gifts - Sadie was certainly spoiled!

baby shower tutu

One of Sadie's tutu skirts! Yes, she has more than one.

baby shower ball

A handmade stitched ball

Allison’s mom Karen made this for Sadie. It’s so awesome. She stitched it all together and added cute images on it as well. There’s a guitar, Sadie’s initials, a Christmas tree and Menorah (gotta have both sides represented!), a daisy and more. It’s one of my favorite things she received.

baby shower sweater

My baby sweater

Yes – my baby sweater! My mom through me for a loop with this one. The gift bag didn’t have a card attached, and when we were trying to figure out who it was from, my mom yelled across the room that it was from my grandmother. Now, both my grandmothers are deceased. I’m sure the look on my face when she said this was priceless. When I opened it and saw my baby sweater (knitted by my maternal grandmother), it was all I could do to keep from crying. (I’m trying not to cry now just typing this!) I’m so glad that my mom still had this in her possession, and now passed it down to me for Sadie. 🙂

We were seriously spoiled and blown away by everyone’s generosity.  Not only did we get a majority of the things we needed, but baby girl has a wardrobe that is 100% better than mine!

baby shower hat 2

Check out my AWESOME ribbon hat!

baby shower dave

Which is now a ribbon bouquet! And Dave showed up!

baby shower cake 2

This is the super cute ducky cake my mom made!

Arielle’s mom actually gave me the ducky cake pan for my bridal shower, and my mom was SO excited to use it for the baby shower! It came out so well, and was very tasty. 🙂 She also made cupcakes (you can see in the background of the picture) with a Magnolia Bakery recipe. YUMMMM.

baby shower cake

Dave and I cutting the cake.

Are you even supposed to cut the cake all fancy-like at showers? Oh well, we did. We didn’t know if we should go for the head, or butt of the cake, so we went for the butt-end. And now I have a ducky cake head staring at me in my fridge. Creepy!

I’m so lucky that my mom was able to put this shower together for me (and Sadie. and I guess Dave too).  I’m just hoping we can get a closing date on our house soon so I can set up the nursery with all her stuff!! We currently have all the clothing in our apartment waiting to be washed, and the car seat and pack-n-play (with newborn napper!) just in case she makes an early appearance.  All other stuff we received is waiting at my sister-in-law’s house, since she lives 5 minutes away from our new home.  CHAOS!!!

Thanks to my cousin Jackie and our friend Dawn for being our unofficial photographers for the day!  All the pictures came from them, and if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you can see more there.


  1. You look fantastic!!

  2. Those ducky lanterns are completely adorable, gotta say! Also you looked really awesome that dress is very cute and I’m glad it went well!

  3. aw your shower look so cute & fun, i love it! and seriously, your baby sweater, that is just the sweetest thing, made me get all teary just reading it! yay baby sadie!

  4. Looks like a great event. Love the duckies!

  5. I think this theme was perfect for you with your rubber duck collection!

  6. Look at you! You’re having a baby! You look so beautiful! Congratulations!

    Mmm I bet the Magnolia cupcakes were delicious!

  7. I’ve had my eye on that dress for a couple of months now. It looks great on you! And the Sadie duckie is absolutely adorable with the personalized ribbon.

  8. The duck theme is adorable! Love it!

  9. Cutest pregnant lady ever! I’m loving all the duckies at the shower and that dress you wore!

  10. You look great and it looks like you had an awesome shower!!

  11. What a gorgeous shower! You look beautiful and I love the picture of you and Dave together. Tell Dave I said hi 🙂

  12. Love all the shower pictures!! And LOVE that you made the ducky lanterns!! 🙂 They turned out great! My family just threw me a duck and bee (birds and bees) shower this weekend and we had all kinds of fun ducky things. What a great theme! And you look fantastic, by the way! I swear I’m three times your size! What’s your secret, woman?!

  13. What an adorable dress! Your shower looked really cute with the rubber duckies.


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