Menu Monday 3.26.12

Menu Monday

Oh yay I’m actually going to cook something this week!! Meal Planning FAIL.  Other than seeing the Hunger Games with people from my office Tuesday night – because I got an email Friday saying that my company was paying for tickets – WAHOO – we have nothing planned besides packing for our eventual move.

We never got around to making the Quinoa and Avocado Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing. Mostly because I was a waste of life and didn’t get quinoa or tahini for days.  Also couldn’t find quinoa anywhere but Whole Foods.  And also couldn’t find regular tahini, so I wound up buying… lemon tahini soy dressing.  Does that mean I just eliminated steps from this recipe?

Oatmeal-Crusted Chicken Tenders from is next on the menu. I’m interested to find out how the oatmeal coating will change the flavor vs using breadcrumbs.  When we make Rachael Ray’s pretzel-crusted chicken, or Jamie Oliver’s butter cracker chicken, I don’t think it changes flavor too much, so we’ll see what oatmeal does!

And it’s about time for some Spaghetti PieAka the best meal EVER.  Back when I was a sullen bitchy teenager, it didn’t matter where I was hanging out, or who I was with – if my dad was making this for dinner, you bet your ass I was going to be home on time to consume it.  SO. GOOD.


Question for you all – are you consistent with your meal planning efforts, or do you skip weeks due to work/life/laziness/etc?  I know sometimes I have the best intentions to cook for the week, but when once push comes to shove, Dave and I are scrounging for food in the recesses of our freezer/cabinets.

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  1. I’ve always got a frozen pizza awaiting those nights when I’m not able to stick to the planned menu. Whether it be life, laziness or lack of ingredients getting in the way of my well laid plans I end up off schedule about once a week.

  2. Spaghetti Pie sounds exactly like something I want to eat right now! I hope everything’s well with you, Lacey!

  3. OMG those sound amazing!!


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