Baby Bean Update: 32 Weeks!

How far along are you?: 32 weeks – I can’t believe I’ve hit the 8 month mark! It feels like it’s gone by SO FAST. Yet at the same time, I can barely remember what I looked like not pregnant.

32 weeks

Baby Bean - 32 weeks! - I look insanely round in that top right picture. That is a camera illusion, I swear!

Total weight gain: Probably close to 20ish pounds. I haven’t been keeping track, but the doctor doesn’t seem worried one way or another, so that works for me! I am trying to eat healthier – less fast food, less junk food. It’s working. Kind of.

How big is baby?: She is a SQUASH! They sure do like their gourds on! “Still growing, your baby weighs in at about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and measures about 15.2 to 16.7 inches.” My doctor said she was about 3.8 last week, but was only 48th percentile… sooo I’m not sure how accurate this actually is. Whatever! I had him guesstimate what size she’ll be at birth, and he said around 6 – 6 1/2 pounds, maybe 7 max. Little girl takes after her mommy. 🙂 I was two weeks overdue (let’s hope that doesn’t happen) and 6.3 lbs.

Maternity clothes: OMG I FINALLY GOT NEW BRAS AND I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN!! I took advantage of the gift card my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas and stocked up. I feel so… supported. 🙂 And my new bra size is ridiculous. But I’m way more comfortable, so I don’t really care. I also got a few more shirts in a medium – needed them for the length! And a dress for work events. Could wear it for other fancy things too, so it’ll be good to have in my closet.

Stretch marks?: I’m still amazed I have none on my stomach, but I’m sure that’ll punch me in the face next week and I’ll be covered. We’ll see!

Sleep: Doing ok. Finding that I wake up either to go to the bathroom, or to change sides. Luckily it’s not too frequent.

Best moment this week: Going to our birthing class. It was a weekend “intensive” course, instead of going over the span of a few weeks. I’m glad we did it this way. We learned the whole labor and delivery process, what to expect for all that, also postpartum care, how to care for the baby (Dave learned how to diaper!) and then had a tour of the hospital. I feel reassured. And I love our hospital. We’ve also started writing out a list of what should go in our pregnancy bag to take to the hospital, or as I’m calling it, the “Baby Go-Bag”. I figure I’ll start packing that in early April, just in case!

Movement: All the time. I still love it. Sometimes it can get a little tiring, but it’s still the most reassuring thing in the world, only after hearing her heartbeat at the doctor’s office. She’s also been hiccuping recently, which is funny/annoying.

Food cravings: There’s really been nothing major, but I put down Raisinettes to pack as part of my post-delivery snacks, so I guess that’s one? Also still majorly into flavored ginger-ale. Did you know that Canada Dry makes a Green Tea ginger-ale? It’s delicious. However, the cranberry flavor is only mehh.

Food aversions: None.

Labor signs: I *think* I’ve been having random Braxton Hicks contractions. But I can’t really tell… so maybe?

Belly button in or out: What belly button? Oh you mean the one that used to be on my stomach that’s pretty much no longer in existence?

What I miss: Being able to get up from the couch/bed without pain. That’s a new symptom, and I am not enjoying it at all.

What I’m looking forward to: Baby shower next weekend!!!  And also moving.  We need to start packing!

Milestone: Hitting 8 months of pregnancy! I can’t believe it’s SO CLOSE!

Other random thoughts: Sadie probably thinks that Dave’s voice is like the Voice from Above or something, for all the time he spends face-planting into my stomach to talk to her in his deep voice.  🙂  It’s also funny/weird that she can totally hear things on the outside – Dave let the toilet lid slam down the other day while I was walking into the room and she totally jumped! Baby girl also got the cutest little pink Converse sneakers from our friends Anita and Adam and I’m infatuated with them.

Also, completely unrelated, but Cadbury Mini Eggs are THE BEST. Cadbury Creme Eggs come in a close second.


  1. You look fabulous! And I totally hear you about the bras – I remember being so excited when I finally got into one that actually fit 🙂

  2. You are seriously adorable. That little baby bump is so perfect on you! Just the right size. 😀 I bet your little bean is so happy in there!!! Like a cozy cocoon! (I think her first Halloween costume should now be a butterfly!)

    Also, I need a new bra. Like, stat. I hear so, so often how amazing a new (and better fitting!) bra can make you feel. Mine is hanging on by a thread and barely does ANYTHING in way of coverage or support. They’re just so dang expensive! And it’s hard to find my size… Lord help me if I ever do become pregnant. Gonna poke an eye out!

  3. My friend who is maybe a couple of weeks ahead of you in terms of pregnancy found a weird side effect of her pregnancy – the eyesight in one of her eyes got much worse and the eyesight in the other eye almost went back to normal! I found this weirdly fascinating! Have you had anything like that?

    • Whaaat? That’s crazy. My eyesight is pretty screwy as is, so I’m glad it didn’t change from pregnancy! I can’t say I have had anything weird like that, but there’s still time!!

  4. It is a serious testament to your strength that you are moving while pregnant. I have only anecdotal knowledge of pregnancy, but that + my extensive knowledge of packing/moving leads me to conclude that you are a total badass.

  5. Looking good, mama! I second your statement about Cadbury eggs. Loving those things, even though they may end up being the cause for stretch marks faster than the baby.

  6. seriously how is Sadie almost here!? so crazy and exciting and weeeee!

  7. You look so cute!

    You think your boobs are big now? Just wait until your milk comes in. It’s like porn star boobs lol

  8. Aileen Johnston says

    Hiya, I just found your blog last week through My Everday Adventures in the City and just wanted to say hi as I hate being a lurker!! You are about 10 weeks ahead of me in pregnancy so it’s nice to read everything that has happened to you (and compare what I am going through) and also what is to come! Good luck for the move, I hate moving house although I should be used to it now! Myself and my husband don’t know what we are having as in Scotland they quite often don’t tell you which would mean I have to pay £75 to find out and I am just not willing to part with the cash. Yes some of us Scottish people are a bit mean with our cash (haha honestly I am not really I just think I can find better things to spend £75 on!) Good luck for the next 8 weeks or so and I love your blog already! xx

  9. It is SO crazy how they can hear things on the outside. Our baby jumps when our dog barks near me!

  10. Just saw your comment on my Mitsuwa post. CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy. Seem like only yesterday you were getting married!!! You look amazing.

    You have many months before you need to worry about feeding your baby anything other than milk but when you do, I found this book to be a wonderful resource and why Savvy is such an adventurous eater:


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