What am I REALLY good at?

I spent the last few days thinking about this. What am I REALLY good at? It came up, randomly enough, when I found out that Arielle had made it as a Season 6 Stratejoy blogger.  Weird correlation, right?

First of all, I am SO incredibly happy for her.  I started texting and tweeting my congrats at her immediately when I saw the news, because it’s an awesome opportunity and I know she is going to rock it.  Then I was reminding Dave about how I applied for Season 5 (and made it to the semi-finals!) and how happy I am that she got it, and how I think she’s an amazing writer, and she has had something published in the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul series (true story), and I wish I would write like that, so on and so forth.

And then it got me thinking.  What can I say that I’m really good at?  Like, truly 100% amazingly talented at?  To be honest, it kind of bummed me out when I couldn’t think of anything.  Everyone is good at something right? Well what’s mine?  And I’m talking like, excelling at something.  Not just like, being good at cooking, because I can follow a recipe.  (Sometimes).

Am I really good at blogging?  No, I don’t think so.  Sure I have things to say, but I don’t have a legion of fans, my comments fluctuate depending on the post, and I’m definitely not one of those prolific bloggers who can wax poetic about life and have readers hanging onto their every word.

I’m not a really good photographer.  I’d like to be, but I don’t have the patience, nor, in my mind, the smarts to work with a good DSLR.  I’m jealous of the bloggers who take amazing pictures all the time.

When I was in college, I wasn’t a really good student.  I majored in print journalism, and clearly, as a corporate event planner, I’m not doing anything with that major.  And to be honest, I was never crazy into it like a lot of my classmates were.  One girl I know works for US Weekly, another worked for WWD, newspapers, etc. I didn’t have that drive that they did/do.  If I was passionate about a subject, then I loved writing about it, but otherwise I didn’t want to write about something that I didn’t care for.  I guess that goes for blogging also?  Anyway – it as kind of the same for all my classes – if I was into it – I excelled.  Otherwise, I did the basics to get by.

I wouldn’t say that people call me a really good friend.  I forget birthdays. I bail on plans frequently. I’m not a phone person (what a change from when I was a teenager) so I don’t spend hours chatting with my friends that way.  I kind of suck.

I’m a crafty person, but I’m not really good at crafts/DIY.  Not good enough to be considered a “crafter”, or have my own Etsy shop.  I’m amazed at some of the talent I see out there, and am definitely envious that I don’t have that.

Really I could go on and on.  But it just makes me feel bad.  Like, why isn’t there one thing that I can proudly claim that I’m really good at?  There’s no one thing that comes to mind.  Nothing that if asked, someone would say, “Lacey is really good at ______”.  Kind of sad, no?

I can’t be the only one, can I?



  1. You definitely aren’t the only one. I’ve been having the same sort of existential crisis about that very same question lately. I feel decent at doing a lot of things, but definitely not REALLY GREAT or SUPER PASSIONATE about any one thing like most people seem to be. I’d love to be good at one thing, but oh well. My parents never pushed me to be The Really Good Tennis Player or The Super Talented Singer or anything so I just dabbled in anything that interested me on that given day/week/month. And it’s carried over into adulthood. Not sure how to capitalize on it as far as turning that jack-of-some-trades talent into a viable career path. Let me know if you figure it out too!

  2. Your whole world will turn upside down (in a good way) when that little Sadie arrives, and you’ll DEF become an excellent crafter 🙂

    Congrats on 30 weeks, now you’re in the home stretch!

  3. You’re definitely not alone!!

    This reminds me of the pre-cana classes we had to take before getting married. We had to answer a series of questions about ourself and our future spouse. One question was “What are your hobbies?” And, honestly, I had a really hard time answering that… The internet isn’t really a hobby, LOL. I can’t say scrapbooking because I never finishing anything. I ended up picking the dog. Seriously. THE DOG IS MY HOBBY. WTF?! My husband picked his college sports team since he obsessively follows them. But I felt like such a loser. Dog? Really?

    To this day, I don’t think I can answer the question… So I’m with ya. I don’t know what I’m good at…

  4. I can totally identify. From reading this, and the comments so far, it’s so nice to know I’m not alone.

  5. I would say you are good at blogging, and I am guessing that you are probably a good wife, and you’ll be a good mother too 😉

  6. I know you on a friend level and a bit on a professional level, and I would have to say you’re a good communicator. You anticipate people’s needs and you execute tasks without second-guessing yourself. There are a LOT of people who can’t say the same. It may not be something you’re passionate about necessarily, but I think you’re a good, supportive colleague and I’m thrilled to work with you. 🙂

  7. Ehh. I’m decent at writing – majored in journalism, work in journalism, love my job. But I am by no means amazing at it. I’d love to be an amazing cook, photographer, guitarist, runner…but I guess I have too many interests and not enough desire to go gangbusters on devoting myself to anyone (something I mentioned the other day http://eemusings.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/the-things-id-like-to-be/). Too many awesome choices. Not enough me.

  8. Oh, lovely! We ALL feel this, sometime. I personally think you’re an amazing blogger. And your natural talent may just be something you haven’t tried. I felt this way, until I started reading tarot and I gotta say, I’m a natural. Plus, you know you’re a good wife and you’re gonna be a good mom! Your humor and honesty is ACE and you instantly make me feel like I’m a friend. Well, okay, you ARE a friend now… But I mean, when I first started reading your blog.

    You don’t post BS. You post real life posts, again, with the humor and honesty and friendship-ness. More people gotta do that.

    Plus, you’re DAMN GOOD AT BEING YOU! And that is what counts! Cheesy — but true!

  9. Aw, you are too nice. I definitely look at other people and I’m like UCH WHY CAN I NOT WRITE LIKE THAT?!? I still totally feel like I have zero natural talents. I think you are an excellent baker (following a recipe is still not always easy) and a top notch trash talker. And trash talking is an underrated talent because at the core of it, it means you’re really quick-witted and that is totally an admirable thing. Also, similar-ish to what Renee said, I think you’re really good at connecting with people – even if you’re not some super famous blogger who has a bajillion comments on every post, you’ve still made a lot of strides towards building your community and upping your social media presence/knowledge. So “social media” may not be a talent per se, but it shows that you’re passionate and driven, and that’s way more important to life than knowing you’re really awesome at underwater basket weaving or whatevs. So…turn that frown upside down! Love you!

  10. I remember feeling like that in high school- like I wasn’t really good at one thing, but a little bit good at a lot of things, and I wished I was just really, really good at something so that it would help me get into college.

    Now I feel like that with my writing- I look at things I used to think were good and wonder what I was thinking.

    But I do think you’re a great blogger. And I’m sure you’ll be really good at being a mom!

  11. You are so a good blogger! My jaw dropped when I read that little bit 🙂

    And reading between the lines, I’d say you excel at being a wife. That’s nothing to sweep under the rug!

    I also think that society tells us that if we would only do/buy X, Y, or Z, then we too can become superstars. But for most people (like me!) it takes a lot of work. Maybe in 20 years someone will call me a superstar with photography or cooking or my chosen profession, but they certainly wouldn’t now. Irregardless, I’m still going to work on it bit by bit and hopefully chip away it. In the mean time, I’m glad with the life that I’ve got and the person that I am – happily married, sweet baby, employed, and healthy. I may have self-doubts from time to time, but who doesn’t? Keep your chin up, and rest assured that you’re going to be an amazing mom!

  12. HOLY CRAP, LACEY. This is me, 100%. Often times I get so caught up in the WHY AM I NOT GOOD AT ONE SINGLE THING when everyone else is good at like, EVERYTHING. (and yes, I know. I’m using way too much CAPS lock in this comment form) It’s a fun comparison game that gets old pretty quickly. For example: I’m not as good of a writer as I once was (I even compare myself to my…past self), I get bored way too easily to be that crafty or that good of a photographer, I’m not using my major at all and am certainly not opening offices for my design firm in Shanghai like a good friend and fellow designer and I hate the phone with a passion and for that reason have lost touch with friends.

    Just so you know, you are FABULOUS and a great blogger, friend, etc etc etc. You’ll find your “thing.” After all, we’re still pretty young. 🙂 Chin up!

  13. I think most of us are in this boat! The only thing I can think of off the top of my head that I’m “really” good at is softball. Hell, that might even be all in my head! LOL

  14. Don’t worry I totally feel you on this one!! I don’t feel like I’m good at anything either, or that I don’t have any particular talents that anyone could point out like a good singer or writer or dancer ! I think a lot of us are in this boat and hopefully as we get older and work through life we’ll figure it out and who knows maybe what you’re going to be really good at is being a Mom!!

  15. Okay, I haven’t spent AS much time with you in person but I think you’re a great friend. You’re busy, we all are! But you text me back when I text you and you are super sweet to me so…yeah I’m happy 🙂

  16. My friends are boss. You’re my friend.


  17. I blogged about this once, too. I feel SO MUCH the same way. What’s my thing? Will I ever find it? Do I even HAVE a thing?


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