Baby Bean Update: 30 weeks!

Reminder: Google Friend Connect won’t work for any non-blogger based blogs starting TODAY! (The jerks!) Please make sure to update your feeds!

How far along are you?: 30 weeks – OMG THERE’S ONLY 10 WEEKS LEFT!! (As we get closer and closer, I assume all my updates will start out with CAPS LOCK and multiple quotation marks.)

30 weeks

Baby Bean - 30 weeks!

Total weight gain: Last doctor’s appointment had me up another two pounds, so like, 17?

How big is baby?: According to this week’s update on The Bump, she’s the size of a cucumber.  HOW DO THEY GET THESE MEASUREMENTS?  “Your 15.2- to 16.7-inch, 2.5- to 3.8-pound baby continues to grow.”  I have a sonogram scheduled for this coming Monday, so I’ll find out how big she is then!  I can’t wait!

Maternity clothes: We’re moving into the full panel maternity pants! I just ordered a pair of these from Old Navy – my current maternity jeans are low-rise, but the low-rise band is starting to fold down under my stomach when I sit.  Annoying!  Hopefully these new ones will be better.  Still DESPERATELY need to buy new bras with my Pea in the Pod gift card.  Maybe this weekend?

Stretch marks?: No new ones.  Hooray for that!

Sleep: Really depends on the night.  Sometimes I sleep pretty much straight through with one bathroom trip, but I had one night this week where I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I got back to bed I was stuck in that annoying half sleep zone.  Sadie also decided to kick around like an Irish step dancer right then, so I’m sure that didn’t help.

Best moment this week: Buying the crib and dresser for Sadie’s nursery! SHE HAS FURNITURE! IT’S THAT MUCH MORE REAL!  Also stalking the crap out of my baby registries to see what people are buying her.  EEEEEK!!

Movement: She is a dance machine.  And you can see her movement from the outside more and more often, which is fun/creepy/weird.  I still get a kick (ha!) out of Dave’s face whenever he feels her moving.  🙂

Food cravings: Smoothies!!  I’ve become a smoothie making machine recently.  Green monster smoothies, peanut butter banana smoothies, whatever I can find in the fridge/freezer smoothies.  Love them! And it’s a great way for me to actually ingest something nutritious, since I don’t normally.

Food aversions: None.

Labor signs: None!

Belly button in or out: It’s soooo stretched out!!  Gross.  But still an innie, at least technically.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.  Also bending over with ease.  Grunting is not a becoming noise.

What I’m looking forward to: My baby shower in a few weeks!  And my sonogram on Monday.

Milestone: Buying her furniture.  Or technically my mother-in-law buying her crib for us.  🙂  BUYING A HOUSE!  Not technically a baby milestone, but still.

And hey here’s another “look at me I’m actually wearing something resembling an outfit today, instead of whatever random combination of leggings/maternity tank/cardigan I can find in my closet”


Other random thoughts: People really equate pregnancy with becoming an invalid.  They generally think I can’t do anything for myself, or should be treated as if I were made of glass.  I sound ungrateful, but I CAN STILL DO THINGS!  I’m definitely feeling more tired in the 3rd trimester than I was a few weeks ago.  It’ll only get worse when she’s here!! Researching daycare is giving me anxiety – the cost is ridiculous! It takes me longer to walk places now than it did before.  Wahhhh.


  1. I still love her name so darn much. Glad you’re doing so well. TEN MORE WEEKS!

  2. You really look fantastic! I’m nearly double your weight gain and am much shorter than you, so I look GIANT. You just look adorable. I completely hear you on the whole bending over and grunting comments. I can’t do anything these days without making a substantial amount of noise. My husband really gets a kick out of the sounds I make, but I can’t help it!

    Congrats on the house! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it! It’s finally time to get working on that nursery! Yay! So exciting!

  3. I really love that dress. I also can’t believe you’re seven months pregnant, your bump is still so neat and cute!

  4. You look great. I’m sure you hear this 5927305 times a day but the rest of your pregnancy is going to fly by. Setting up the nursery is so much fun but such a “holy crap, this is really happening” moment!

  5. You look gorgeous!

  6. You look great! 30 weeks was a big milestone for me, no idea why lol. You’re getting so close and the end goes by really fast!

  7. You are so cute!! Is this your first baby? We’re having another girl ourselves (I’m 24 weeks), I’m grunting and downing smoothies like crazy too!


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