I Really Wish…

… that this remnant of the cough I had last week would disappear.

… that I wasn’t starting to waddle.

… I could get away with wearing leggings every day.

… the sellers of our house would countersign the damn contract already! (they’re based out of state)

… I had a nursery to decorate.

… it wasn’t getting harder for me to walk places.

… I didn’t feel like a giant whale.ย  I foresee this only getting worse in the next 10ish weeks.

… I could have an alcoholic beverage.

… there was a “auto-blend” setting on my blender so I’d have prepared smoothies in the morning.

… Panera would deliver their chocolate chip bagels to my house.

… I didn’t mood swing from happy to morose within minutes.

… a company would want to just gift me a DSLR.

… I wasn’t allergic to dogs/cats.ย  Especially now that I can’t take anything for the allergies ๐Ÿ™

… Sascha Baron Cohen would just go away.

… people would stop acting like I’m an invalid.ย  I’m just pregnant, I’m not cripple or handicap.


  1. I wish I could wear leggings everyday. I’m currently waddling in my jeans bc they’re so tight, so don’t feel bad. haha. Sascha Baron Cohen’s little stint at the Oscars was just weird.

  2. I DO wear leggings every day…


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