Things I Just Don’t Get…

I’m sure some of you will take offense to items on this list, but it’s my blog and I don’t care.  These are some things that I just don’t understand – either the obsession with, or the reasoning of… etc.:

  • Meyer lemons – what’s the difference between that and a regular lemon? Does it really matter?
  • Chevron – it’s stripes – WOO!
  • Lilly Pulitzer – I’m sorry, nothing about her clothing is attractive to me.
  • Monograms – meh. I know my initials.
  • Pictures of babies IN things, or posed weird – your newborn has no coordination! I know they aren’t propping themselves up on their arms! Also – stop putting babies in things like oversize pockets, boots, boxes, etc.
  • Quitting Facebook – yes, quitting Facebook is fine.  BUT JUST DO IT. Enough with the week long preparation status updates of, “I’m quitting Facebook on Friday!”.  If people miss you when you’re gone, they’ll figure out a way to find you.
  • Chai Tea – blechh. There’s something about the taste of it that I loathe.
  • Red Velvet anything – yeah, I’ll get a lot of haters on this one (like I did with pumpkin) but I don’t care. I don’t like red velvet.
  • Get Glue – do you really need to “check in” to what show you’re watching on TV? I know people feel this way about FourSquare also, but the TV one I just don’t get. 
  • Peep toe booties – if it’s cold enough that you’re wearing booties – why the peep toe? Even worse when I can see your sock/stockings in the peep toe hole.  Boots should NOT have unnecessary holes in them.
  • Also see  – those dumb sandals where it’s basically a flip-flop but then there’s a leg warmer-ish boot portion around your ankle and calf.  I don’t know what to call them – do they have an actual name? Regardless, they’re dumb.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – I can’t get into any book where I’m told, “Oh but it gets REALLY good around the 200th page.”  No. I don’t have that kind of patience.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can think of right now. 🙂

Anything you just don’t get?


  1. I’m with you on Chai, there’s something not right about it!

  2. Haha I’m laughing, as an unabashed red velvet cake (it is like a good cross between yellow & chocolate cake to me) and monogram lover. I like some Lilly Pulitzer but not all (I’m eyeing an awesome octopus print dress from them right now…) and chevrons are cool, in moderation. But Meyer lemons are totally a thing! They are actually a cross between some other citrus (a long, long time ago) and have a slightly sweeter flavor, perfect for pies and what not. I love buying Meyer lemons to bake with, their skins are much softer and less pebble-y (totally a word). But peep toe booties? Horrible. Just horrible.

  3. You’re a woman after my own heart & mind. LOL! I agree with everything, except for red velvet. I happen to like that on the rare occassion. It also depends on who makes it.
    Yes the girl with the dragon tattoo eventually picks up around page 150 or so, but the story is good, nothing too astounding though. Its not a must read by any means. Watch the movie in sweedish if you can deal with “reading” a movie.

  4. Meyer lemons – I don’t even like regular lemons that much. Is it like a lemon brand?
    Chevron – I like the pattern, but it’s getting out of hand
    Lilly Pulitzer – Dislike most of it, and it’s overpriced (though I sewed a copycat on the cheap to prove how overpriced they are)
    Monograms – Names change. I learned that that hard way!
    Pictures of babies IN things, or posed weird – Anne Geddes creeped me out.
    Quitting Facebook – They always come back.
    Chai Tea – Don’t like the tea, but sometimes I like the lattes.
    Red Velvet anything – The dye can’t be good for you. My aunt makes a Red Velvet cake that ruined me on anything else Red Velvet for life; it’s all subpar compared to hers. But it’s the buttermilk and cocoa doing the work, not the dye.
    Get Glue – I stopped collecting ‘stickers’ in 2nd grade.
    Peep toe booties/those weird flip flop hybrids – Shoes with identity crisis?
    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo –Movie with Daniel Craig was good, didn’t bother reading the book… though I did buy it for my Kindle.

  5. Yes! This! All of this! Gaaah, I absolutely agree with all of this!


  6. For some reason I’m attracted to red velvet even though if I know if I were to do a blind taste test, I’d probably pick about 10 other flavors before I’d pick that one.

  7. I noticed a pattern, that some of the things you don’t get are mostly Southern, including monograms, red velvet desserts and Lily Pulitzer (though I don’t like Lily either, it’s just too damn bright for professional adults to be wearing!). It’s okay if you don’t get them, being a Northerner! I don’t understand New Yawk things either sometimes!

    I totally agree though about most of the rest, including GetGlue, both kinds of weirdo shoes, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I got maybe ten pages into it before I said to hell with it, I don’t even CARE what happens!

  8. Ooooh Meyer lemons are good. They’re much sweeter — so good in water. You should try one! Peep toe booties? That seems like an oxymoron. haha. great list!

  9. I’m picky about Red Velvet. If it’s a dyed red cake, it’s not Red Velvet. It’s a dyed red cake. True Red Velvet has a touch of cocoa, vinegar and buttermilk. Most of the ones I’ve tried are crap. I like home made from my old roommate… or the bakery she used to work at. I’m equally over the whole trend of it, but largely because people have been getting it wrong. (OMG the pink, green, blue, purple velvet cakes I’ve seen on pinterest do nothing but irritate me. It’s not the color that makes it a “red velvet” cake!) anyway. I’ll end my cake rant.

  10. 100% agree with “quitting Facebook”. So old. So overdone. Go ahead and quit, that’s fine. You’ll be back, though. When Facebook buys the Internet, they’ll be no escaping. 🙂

  11. María Florencia says

    The girl who played with fire and kicked the hornet’s nest are much better reads. They’re good from the start, and you won’t miss too much of a back story from book 1. I suggest you skip the first one and just start with book 2.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I figured they were a trilogy like The Hunger Games where you couldn’t skip the first one.

      • I disagree. You shouldn’t skip the first one, but, the Trilogy is over 1500 pages and the second and third books are much better throughout than the first. I would say that book one picked up on page 100. So 100/1500 pages are not so great. I think that is a small price to pay for more than 1400 pages of wonderful story telling, characters that get into your mind and soul, and a plot that will keep you guessing. Seriously, I loved it. Could not put any of the books down (after page 100 I mean).

  12. your food choices – i’m 100% in disagreement with you, whatever. but, everything else, i’m 100% with you… Lilly Pulitzer is just wrong.

  13. I agree with you on some of these… except chai! I have to say, though, that most coffee-shop chai teas that I’ve tasted are gross. They’re basically just tea with syrup put in it, and you can definitely taste the difference between that and real, genuine chai. Also, I saw a post once from a photographer about how they “pose” babies with their arms propped up… and a lot of it is just Photoshop. There’s no way that a baby that small can support their own head! Weird.

  14. I actually was wondering the other day what the fuck a meyer lemon is. My roommate was talking about some store in BK that sells them. I still don’t know. Also, The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo was a terrible book BUT the movie is super awesome and pretty much did away with the parts I didn’t like about the book. You should see it. Rooney Mara is pretty boss in it. And finally, no one should ever wear tights with peep toe anythings. You can have one but not the other. I have no sense of style and even I know that.

    • I feel like peep toes with stockings/whatever should follow the same rule as sandals. You just DON’T wear stockings with sandals! Even if the stockings claim to be “sheer toe” or whatever. It’s all lies. LIES!

  15. I agree with you on everything except the babies posed in weird positions because I totally did that. After all part of the fun of having kids is getting them to wear/do funny things before they are old enough to stop you 🙂

    Hate red velvet. The Lily Pulitzer stuff gives me a headache and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a good book but you’re right you had to read more than 100 pages before it got good which was incredibly frustrating.

  16. Oh my god, I’m with you on pretty much all of these (I do love chai, though). The monogram thing has always seemed so pretentious to me!

    I haven’t read the Millenium trilogy, but I did see all three of the Swedish movies and it’s a pretty fantastic story. But you’re so right – any book that doesn’t get good until halfway through just doesn’t seem worth it.

  17. Yuck! Red Velvet. I’m so glad someone else agrees with me. All of the sudden is like the whole world has gone GAGA for red velvet, and I’m all like no chocolate will always be at the top of the list for me until death do us part.
    Hi, love the post.

  18. Haha! Your list made me laugh even though I do like some of those things! A lot of it is very Southern. Lilly has a time and a place, but most of it is too loud for me!

  19. Ryan Gosling. Sorry, but I just don’t get him. He’s cute, sure, but Sexiest Man of the Year? Give me Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd, Scott Speedman, or Justin Timberlake instead, please.

  20. Totally agree with you on the babies in baskets, etc! I’ve never gotten into that at all, and sometimes? They just look silly. Also, I ahte booties and the weird ones with the thing around the ankle. So awful!

  21. Definitely with you on Get Glue & the peep toe booties. I’m a huge cupcake person but I do not like red velvet at all. Doesn’t taste good.

    Things I don’t get… how one sock is always gobbled up by the washer/dryer. I am missing so many of the kidlets socks and after thoroughly searching their rooms, beds and every where else I can think of I’m still missing some. It’s a bummer. Silly thing to not get I suppose, but it’s really bugging me lately!

  22. I just heard about Meyer Lemons the other day and had the same thought. That’s so true about the peep toe booties too! And The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – haven’t read the book but saw the movie after hearing rave reviews and I just don’t get it, it was okay. This a great list though!

  23. Red velvet is completely weird to me, too. I mean, it’s just food coloring! I also echo everything else… except chai. I love chai. But the rest is dumb.

  24. I have no idea what a Meyer lemon is. And I read 30 pages of GWTDT before giving the hell up. Not worth it.


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