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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

100_0288Baby Bean says Happy Valentine’s Day too!! Please appreciate this photo – it took me about 12 tries to get that picture in the mirror since Dave wasn’t home. And the first try was a definite fail when I forgot that well, letters in a mirror won’t photograph the same way you see them.  Derr.

Anyway, on the occasion of this lovely Hallmark holiday, here is the story of how Dave and I met, since my engagement-versary post showed that no one really knew the story!!  And yes, it all began on MySpace.

In December, two-thousand-ought-six, I was a young 23 year old a few months out of a worthless long-distance relationship.  I had been dating around, had my profile on a few online dating sites, and was generally having a good time.  One night I signed onto MySpace and saw I had a message in my inbox – from a random dude.  My immediate thought was probably something like, “Oh great, another one” because honestly, nothing ever good came from the random guys messaging me on MySpace.  (Even after Dave and I were an item, I continued to get messages like this one.  Yeah.)  Anyway, I read his message:

And after checking out his profile to make sure he was sane (or at least seemed sane), I sent something back along the lines of:

Hi – Thanks for the message, I’m not sure what rhetorical studies majors do for fun, since that was my minor. I majored in print journalism.  I can’t take credit for my tagline, since it’s a line from a Missy Elliott song.


P.S. Which pictures are newer, the ones with the long, or short hair?

Please note two things about this exchange. 1. Dave claims to this day that he knew rhetorical studies (actually speech communication and rhetorical studies) wasn’t my major, and that he wrote it incorrectly on purpose to catch my attention/make me correct him. Right. 2. I am blatantly shallow – when looking at Dave’s pictures on his profile page, there were a few with his current hairstyle, and a few where he had this gross, long hair, either in a ponytail or all down and stringy. I don’t like long hair on guys. Gross.  Luckily he replied that the short hair was current.  Otherwise our conversation probably wouldn’t have continued past this point!! (Told you, I’m shallow.)

Anyway, the MySpace messaging continued for a bit and then we moved to IM.  A day or two after talking online, we decided to meet in person.  I was going to be in the city for a ZogSports game, and Dave claimed he had a meeting in the city (turns out he was full of sh*t).  So we planned on meeting at Joe and the Art of Coffee.  It was literally a 15 minute date! Dave hadn’t met anyone from online in person before, so he planned it for like, 20 minutes before my game time in case I was cray-cray.  😉

When I got there I found him immediately (the place is small) and after saying hi, got up to get coffee.  I was a little miffed at first when he didn’t offer to buy it for me, not going to lie.  Then it turned out the place didn’t take credit cards, so I was going to run and get cash, and Dave stepped up to pay for my coffee.  Chivalry isn’t dead!  I don’t really remember what we were talking about during our mini-date. I do remember that Dave was sweating bullets.  Haha!  When it was time for me to head over to my game, Dave walked me, gave me a hug and we both said that we had a good time, and kind of left it at that! The “good date” butterflies were definitely there, though. And when I got home, I had a message from Dave repeating that he had a great time, and that I was, “even more beautiful than my pictures led him to believe.”

We continued to talk both on the phone and online, and saw each other again the next weekend at a Santa pub crawl that I was doing with my friends.  That’s a brave man, going out with a girl he just met and some of her girlfriends!  That night, we had our first (slightly drunken) kiss.  And the rest is history!  Well, as Dave says, I tricked him into an eventual relationship.  I say that he stalked me on MySpace first, so the blame is all his.

And here we are! Over 5 years later, about to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary, and a few short months away from our first baby.  Time flies when you’re having fun!!

I remember back when this first  happened, my friend Britt asked if I loved telling people that we met on MySpace… back then my answer was no!  It was a little embarrassing, and although I had done online dating before, it wasn’t as mainstream as it is now, and MySpace definitely seemed shady.  Now though, it’s hilarious!! And also dates how old Dave and I are.  😉

Did you or anyone you know meet a significant other in a non-traditional sort of way? 


  1. Aww, I love this story! I had a long-time boyfriend that I met in a chat room on AOL back in the day (2001). I hated telling people how we met but it’s definitely more common now.

    My husband and I were kind-of neighbors in an apartment complex and I met him on the basketball court. Random, I know.

  2. This is so cute. And you guys can say that your relationship basically outlived MySpace!

    Also, your baby bean picture made me giggle so much. Thanks for the effort, baby bean.


  3. Ha, I love the Myspace story – and it really is so much funnier now.

    I met a boyfriend while on Spring Break in Mexico and he only lived 30 minutes away from me… Another one while working for a local congresswoman, another while volunteering at a homeless shelter and then one via Twitter/blogging/20sb. All are pretty good stories to tell!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day to Baby Bean too! Such a cute idea =)

    I dabbled online dating and MySpace dating for a bit in my early 20’s too! It was always good for a ridiculous story or two, that’s for darn sure. One of my former co-workers met his wife on MySpace and to this day they still don’t tell people how they met.

  5. My husband and I met playing an online rpg. We are nerds.

  6. 06178229302678788261 says

    Met my boyfriend on! I had just gotten out of a relationship…created a “free profile” on Match. M “winked” at me, and after checking out his profile, I was intrigued. In order to “unlock” the email function I had to pay for my subscription. Being the thrifster I am (and broke-ass law student) I did a free 3 day trial, saw he had emailed me, sent him my personal email address, and then bailed on match. We met on NYE to go ice skating at an indoor rink that used to be an old train depot. He remains the first and last online date I’ve ever gone on..and we now live together with our kitten and just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on NYE. 🙂

  7. That’s such a cute story! I love hearing about how people meet. Though I can see how meeting through MySpace could seem a bit embarrassing back when social media and online dating weren’t as mainstream as they are now.

    My boyfriend is my best friend’s younger brother… which isn’t really that non-traditional, but was a little weird at first. Actually, when we first started talking and before we went on our first date, I assumed I’d never be able to get past that fact. But it ended up not being a big deal at all.

  8. What a cute story! My husband and I met on match and we lied about how we met for a while…. 🙂

  9. Great story! And happy valentine’s day baby bean!

  10. I already knew this story but it was pretty great to read again. hope you guys have a lovely Valentine’s Day 🙂

  11. Great bump pic 🙂

    Loved reading your “Story of Us”! My husband and I met through work. I was in Chicago. He was in Florida (in my hometown) working for the software company whose product I used. I had to move away to meet someone from home!

  12. I love the Baby Bean message and this story. It’s always fun learning where and how relationships start.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  13. Wow – that is definitely a brave guy to go on a pub crawl with you and a bunch of girls he’s never met! He was obviously hooked 🙂

    Our non-traditional meeting {well, “first sight” – we actually officially met about a week later} was in college at an on-campus “first week” event/mixer, when Chris entered what he THOUGHT was a caramel-covered apple eating contest but what was ACTUALLY a caramel-covered onion eating contest, ha ha! And you know what? He won! I was in the crowd and knew he was the man for me (Just kidding! It took months of him trying to go out with me before we went on a date). Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. I have a friend that not only met her husband on myspace but they started off as a one night stand! I met mine on Thank God for the Internet right?


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