Menu Monday!

Menu MondayThis week I think I’m going to be home for dinner (or at least home on time or dinner) maybe twice. Book Club is tonight, and then I have Social Media Week NYC events another two nights. It’s gonna be one busy week!

Regardless, we do have some great recipes on the menu for this week. Including one from my new cookbook, Don’t Panic – Dinner’s in the Freezer. I bought this to help get prepared for Baby Bean’s arrival and imminent destruction of my meal planning tactics. 🙂 I plan on taking a few days during the last months of my pregnancy to prepare a ton of freezer meals. And to start…

Chicken Breasts Stuffed with Pesto Butter – I am SO excited to make this recipe.  Repeat after me: PESTO. BUTTER.  Hells to the yes.  I’m using the double quantity of the recipe so we can eat some for dinner, and then freeze a bunch also. (The cookbook gives up to 4 different measurements depending on the quantity you’re making – love it!)  Sadly couldn’t find the recipe online, but I’ll share of course if it turns out well!

Spaghetti with Homemade Pesto Sauce – Yes, more pesto. I found homemade pesto sauce in the freezer, and umm, it’s about time we use it (it’s been in there for awhile… you don’t need to know exactly how long).  I think it’ll still be okay, because I didn’t add in the Parmesan cheese, which I the heard turns sauce bitter after freezing.  Fingers crossed!

And Dave is making Mushroom-Brown Rice Risotto from my December issue of Cooking Light I kind of forced this one under his nose – I know he loves risotto, and the recipe has been calling my name for weeks.

I really can’t wait for the pesto butter chicken… mmmmm.  Drooling just thinking about it!! And if it works out as a freezer meal, even better!  I need to start checking out the meat sales so I can officially start my freezer meal planning!!!

Do you have any good freezer meal recipes worth sharing? 

Happy cooking!


  1. I am all about freezing meals lately! We freeze a lot of soups and I also love to freeze stuff like these enchiladas:

    Also, recommend making a bit batch of these sandwiches and sticking them in the freezer–

    ps. must make that pesto butter! yum!!!


    I share your enthusiasm. Big time.

  3. This recipe is my favorite! It freezes fabulously and it’s healthy! I make it with spinach instead of chard.

    This is also great:

    And this one is good too, I skip the torilla and just eat the filling:

    We made this last night and I think it would freeze wonderfully:

  4. oh yum to the pesto stuffed chicken, that sounds amazing. can’t wait to hear how it turns out. yum.

  5. Pesto Butter?! It almost sounds too good to be true!


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