(Waiting to) Get fit with GapFit!

About little while ago I came home to an awesome package from my friends at Brand About Town and the Gap!  Woo hoo!!  (Awesome packages are the best… TWSS?)

The box was filled, and I mean FILLED with goodies from the Gap’s new GapFit line.  GapFit is their new workout line, filled with styles for everyone – depending on your workout wants and needs.  And to top it off – it’s cute!!

Now sadly I couldn’t really try on anything due to little Baby Bean ruining my usual waistline, but I can’t wait to slap these bad boys on once I’m in post-pregnancy getting fit mode.  I’ll just have to do my prenatal yoga DVD in the schlubby t-shirts and pajama pants/leggings that still fit!


This outfit combo is my favorite! This is the gFast line, and it included the colorblock leggings, matching top and sweet little blue jacket. Best part of them all? The jacket has thumb holes! I KNOW.


YAY thumb holes!

There were four, yes four more pairs of pants included in the box (it just kept going and going!) in the following styles:

  • gFlex – sexy boot
  • gDance – slim boot
  • gStretch – relaxed straight leg
  • gBalance – yoga


My favorite, just from the feel alone, would probably be the gBalance yoga pants. They are the softest material of the bunch, and lightweight pants are key when I’m contorting myself into various yoga positions. (P.S. You never realize how much of yoga you can’t do when you’re pregnant, until you are actually doing prenatal yoga. What you think will be so easy! IS NOT!

A smart little feature that the Gap thought to build in to the pants is the little “valuables” pocket – big enough to hold a key, money, maybe an ID.  This is in all the pairs I received, except for the gBalance style.  at first I wasn’t sure why they would leave it out of that particular style, but I guess the thought process was that you’re going to be twisting yourself into a human pretzel at times, so having things jabbing at you probably wouldn’t be ideal (TWSS!!  Sorry).


I really can’t wait to wear these after Baby Bean is here. For now, I’ll just stare at them forlornly as they sit on top of my dresser… maybe I should put everything away, huh?

Oooh and this is fun – all online purchases are 25% off through the end of today when you enter the code GAPCOLOR. Nice!

Disclaimer – as a Gap Ambassador I was sent these items for free. I was not held up at gunpoint to write about them, nor would I work with a company that would do such things. 🙂 All opinions are my own.


  1. I’m in love with all of these. Dislike that right now my wardrobe needs are being trumped work > workout. But these will forever be on my wishlist! Baby Bean is going to have one hot & fit momma!

  2. omg i am in loooooove with gap’s new fitness attire. love it!!


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