The SNACKADIUM! (Dun dun DUN!)

Oh yes. If you didn’t see on Facebook or Twitter this weekend – we created the SNACKADIUM for Super Bowl. It. Was. EPIC.

Our inspiration came mainly from here.


And once we made it known to our friends that this creation would be taking place, Dave, the Head Architect on the project, kept getting pictures of other SNACKADIUMS (yes it needs to be capitalized) sent to him. Talk about pressure!! All other SNACKADIUMS aside, materials were sourced and purchased, and the building of ours began Saturday night, and throughout Sunday morning/afternoon.  Please see photo montage below:

SNACKADIUMAnd the finished product. The pièce de résistance, if you will:

Snackadium | Perks of Being a JAP |

Revel in it’s majestic wonder!! Seriously, this thing was SICK. And apparently, it made the Internet rounds in no time at all!




  2. I love this so much, & I love even MORE that my friend in Jerusalem posted it.

  3. WHOA! I saw the original photo yesterday but you guys took it to a whole new (tastier) level. LOVE!

  4. Are those green sponges or dyed Rice Krispie treats? Either way that is pretty amazing. I might have to step up my game next year….

  5. Oh wow! That came out fantastic!

  6. Oh goodness! That is awesome!!


  7. haha that is seriously awesome, love it.


  9. This is so many kinds of awesome I have lost count. Love it!

  10. This is so cool!

  11. BEST IDEA EVER. There better be one of these in my life at some point… preferably soon, even if football is over.

  12. OMG I can’t believe you made one!! That is amazing!! I emailed a picture of one to my group of friends and said someone better make this but no one came through haha.

  13. I cannot even begin to describe how impressed I am by this. I mean, there are no words. You and Dave are an amazing team.

  14. It looks so amazing! I think the little cheese/olive players add such a nice touch to it.

  15. That? Is so freaking awesome.

  16. i hate to use the overused word epic, but this truly is epic!!!


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