Preggo Update!

Figured I’d start doing this every two weeks or so until the little lady is here!

How far along are you?: 26 weeks (and a day!)

26 weeks!

Baby Bean - 26 weeks!

Total weight gain: According to my last doctor’s appointment I gained 5 pounds in a month! Wooo  baby! But I guess my doctor was a bit worried about my lack of major weight gain before that, so that’s good!  But I was told not to go crazy trying to gain, haha.  So I guess total weight gain… 15 pounds? Ish?

How big is baby?: She is the size of a head of lettuce!!  Hahahaha. I find these fruit/veggie comparisons to be so hilarious.  It’s equivalent (apparently) to 13.6 – 14.8 inches long, and 1.5 – 2.5 lbs.  I’m guessing she’s a little on the smaller side.

Maternity clothes:  Yes.  I can still get away with some tops, but I need a lightweight maternity coat, and I may have to upgrade to the maternity pants with the full belly panel, vs the band.

Stretch marks?: No new ones!

Sleep: We moved our bedroom around so now my side of the bed isn’t against the wall, making midnight bathroom trips SO much nicer! I don’t have to do an awkward shimmy/crab walk to get off the bed now.

Best moment this week: The Birthdate Baby Pool hahaha.  And revealing her name.

Movement: She’s been giving it a little bit of a rest these last couple of days, but I had a cherry coke with lunch yesterday and that set her of f for awhile.

Food cravings: Still chocolate.  I love me some chocolate!!

Food aversions: Microwave popcorn is still a no, but nothing new.

Labor signs: Nope!!

Belly button in or out: It’s so shallow!!  Nooutienooutienooutienooutie.  (Fingers crossed!)

What I miss: Good god sleeping on my stomach/back.

What I’m looking forward to: Getting my glucose test over with tomorrow.  Blech.

Milestone: Ordering the crib mattress (still need to order the crib!!) Starting to plan the baby shower with my mom.


Other random thoughts: Not being able to have a drink when you’re stressed is the worst punishment in the world.  I got a prenantal yoga DVD and like it, but keep having to remind myself that while I think it’s super easy, I can’t do 99.9% of the  yoga moves I used to be able to do.  Wah wahh.  Pregnant Chicken is AMAZING. Commenting on the size of a pregnant woman is never a good idea.  (Small – we’re not doing something right.  Big – we’re not doing something right/we’re fat.)


  1. You look wonderful! Totally stealing these meme for my own update next week!

  2. Nooutienooutienooutienooutie

    (You look great!)

  3. You look so cute! I didn’t mind the glucose test, but then again I actually like that funky orange drink from McDonald’s.

  4. Looking beautiful, lady! I cannot believe how far along you are!

  5. You look freakin’ adorable! =)

  6. This made my week!

  7. My belly button got really flat but it never popped out (and my stomach got huge…all the German doctors and nurses laughed about it). I hope you keep your innie!

  8. You look amazing!

  9. So I totally missed out on the whole fact that you are having a baby! CONGRATS (where have I been?) You look adorable and I love reading these updates <3

  10. You’re all belly! Seriously so tiny!

  11. When I’m stressed, I’ve been adding to thr list of drinks that I will consume after the baby is here…yesterday at work, I added 3 beers…a few weeks ago, I was adding a margarita every dang day!! 🙂


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