3 Minute – 3 Ingredient Mint Fudge – HELLS YES!

Oh Pinterest. How do I love thee?  Especially for the delectable desserts that cross my path, and inevitably my mouth. I pinned this recipe right before Christmas, and due to having all the ingredients in the house (all 3 of them!), this made an appearance at the dessert table for Christmas.  With rave reviews!  So like I promised, I wanted to share the recipe for 3 Minute – 3 Ingredient Mint Fudge.


All you need is the following:

  1. 14 oz can condensed milk
  2. 14 oz package of semi sweet chocolate chips.
  3. 10 oz package of Andes mint chips (or other mint chips – I had Nestles and it worked out fine)
    *optional garnish is crush candy cane candy

First, combine the three ingredients in a microwave safe bowl. And don’t be an idiot like me and start to melt the chips before adding the condensed milk. Derr. When all three ingredients are combined, microwave for three minutes, and stir until smooth.

3 Ingredient Fudge

Pour into your pan – use a 9 x 9 pan for thick squares or a 9 x13 pan for thin squares. I’d suggest lining with wax paper – the fudge was a little hard to get out!


If you desire, and who wouldn’t, crush up some candy canes to sprinkle on top! I love any excuse to use my mortar and pestle.


Sprinkle on top, and let cool!! Then cut, and enjoy!


For how easy this was, it was just as yummy. Great, fudge-y texture and not overly minty.  I’m not a huge fan of melting everything in the microwave, since everyone’s microwave cooks at different power, but it did the job – I just watched it carefully.  Would definitely make this again!


  1. I cannot explain to you how much I love mint chocolate. This is like dessert porn for me right now. In a totally unawkward way.

  2. This sounds amazing! I’ve never actually saw mint chips anywhere around here, but maybe I just haven’t been looking!

  3. This looks soooo good! Definitely going to try it.

  4. Just wanted you to know that I just whipped this up for the first time. When I licked the spatula, all was right in the world.


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