I Wanna Rock! (Rock! of Ages!)

Dave and I saw Rock of Ages on Friday! Even more awesome is that we got the tickets from the Times Square TKTS booth, crossing that item off my Life List!  I will admit that Dave is the one who stood on line for an hour for tickets, but I can still cross it off my list, right?  Right?

Before going to the show, we had dinner at an amazing little Turkish restaurant that my mom recommended.  Dave wanted Turkish food for dinner, and my mom for some reason has a decent knowledge of the good Turkish restaurants in the city.  Whatever, she knows the good ones!  We went to Turkish Cuisine on 9th between 44th/45th and stuffed ourselves silly. It’s a small place, and the portions are huge! We started with a appetizer sampler of tahini, yogurt dill dipping sauce, and other delicious things I can’t pronounce, consumed with piles of pita bread.  Mmmmm.  For our main, Dave had “Kasarli Kofte” – chopped lamb blended with Turkish spices with casseri cheese. He loved it, and I had a special that I forget the name of because I’m lame, but it might have been “Chicken Yogurtlu”. It was amazing pieces of grilled chicken over spinach, served with a yogurt sauce.  Drool.

After dinner we were SO FULL, but I still dragged us over to the Shake Shack on 8th Ave and 44th to get Concretes for dessert!  If you’ve never had a Concrete, it’s frozen custard blended with their assortment of mix-ins.  1 – Thank god for the B-line (the line if you’re ordering cold items only… SO much faster than the regular line) and 2 – I LOVE CONCRETES!! I had mine with vanilla custard and chocolate covered pretzels. The pretzel chunks were HUGE!  Dave had a Concrete called “Jelly’s Last Donut”, which has vanilla custard, Doughnut Plant donuts, strawberry preserves and cinnamon sugar. I had a bite, and it was good, but sooooo sweet!!

After the quick stop for some of that sweet goodness, we finally headed over to the theater for the show!  Woo!!!

We lucked out with an aisle seat for Dave, who on top of being tall also had a knee brace on from when he hurt his knee skiing, so at least he got to stretch out. The show was FUN. You can’t go expecting a full on Broadway experience – the show is far too campy for that.  And it’s a ton of fun to be able to sing along with every 80s metal chart topper that you know.  I also didn’t know, and wound up loving, the fact that they did mashups throughout the show.  So much fun!  And while I thought that the male singers were definitely better than some of the female singers, it was still great across the board – I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a fun show to go to.

Now it’s just too bad that freaking Newsies tickets were SUPER expensive.  🙁 $90 plus fees for rear mezzanine?  No thank you.


  1. True story? I think I’ve been to that restaurant. And I’ve only ever been to one Turkish restaurant. Small world.

  2. I *love* the music to Rock of Ages, and I love TKTS! I’m heading to NYC this year with J-Mo (he’s never been) and I will definitely be putting the turkish restaurant on my list of things to check out!


  3. i know nothing of Rock of Ages besides what i’ve seen in the movie trailer so i’m glad you loved it. i’m such a sucker for musicals. hopefully Newsies will go down in price and you can see it and tell me how awesome it is!

  4. LOVED Rock of Ages!! It was such a fun show. I’m dying to see Newsies!! I might be willing to pay $90 because I love the Newsies that much!!

  5. I’m really looking forward to the movie of the play. My parents saw the play too and loved it. Glad you guys agreed! Hope all is well 🙂


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