A little late on the TV bandwagon

I have a tendency to not jump on the bandwagon for new TV shows right away. I think the only ones I have been watching from the beginning are Glee (and I didn’t even watch that preview they had months before the actual season started) and The Walking Dead – and that was due to Dave and I watching something on AMC right before the season premiere, and then we didn’t change the channel and became hooked. (It’s back on February 12!!)  Anyway, I was thinking about all my favorite that I am currently into, and a large chunk of them I am seasons behind in – because I’ve finally given in to friends telling me to watch.  Examples:

The Big Bang Theory – I almost choked laughing when I watched the episode where Penny gives Sheldon an autographed Leonard Nemoy napkin for Christmas.  We’re not up to any season on this show, since we’ve just been catching it whenever it’s on TV in syndication.  But I did just add it to my Netflix queue so I can start from the beginning.  Not gonna lie, Penny’s character kind of annoys me, but I’ll deal with it for the rest of the crew.

The Big Bang Theory

How I Met Your Mother – Almost at the end of season 2 on this one.  I have to say, I love this show, but sometimes I find it annoying and a little too over the top.  But it is something good to have on in the background.  Marshall and Barney are probably my two favorite characters.  Also the episode with the “cockamouse” is amazing.  I’m pretty sure I just want to be Jason Segel’s friend, especially after seeing him in The Muppet Movie.  Also my friend Britt was Robin Sparkles for Halloween a few years ago, and now I finally get the reference.

How I Met Your Mother

The League – someone PLEASE tell me how I lived for so long without this show in my life.  It. Is. AMAZING. I can definitely say that the fact that I played fantasy football this year (AND WON!) peaked my interest, but you don’t need to know about FF to watch the show.  It’s just freakin hilarious.  I can’t express in words how much I enjoy this show.  It’s hysterical, crude, sarcastic humor with the friends on the show ripping on each other all the time – and I love the couple of the show – Kevin and Jenny.  They remind me of Dave and I – down to the teasing, and the fact that she’s better at FF than him.  🙂  Also, if you’ve never heard of a “fear boner“,  you need to educate yourself now.  (Click the link. Trust. Also enjoy the use of the word “anticiperection“.)

The League

Other shows I’ve hopped onto the bandwagon late in the game include The Office, Arrested Development and Mad Men (what was I thinking?!)

Do you start watching new shows right from the premiere?  Or do you wait a bit like me?  I just can’t see devoting the time to start getting involved with a new show right away… unless its something I’m super excited for, or love the actors or something.


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  1. Love Big Bang. HIMYM is basically the Friends of our generation which was the Seinfeld of the previous generation. Have you watched Community yet?

  2. I watched all of BBT over winter break and I am on season 5 of HIMYM. They are two of my favorite shows. Now with BBT, I have been catching up on the weekly episodes online because I am so awful at catching shows when they are on TV.

  3. I love love LOVE Big Bang Theory. I have looked for it on NetFlix instant, but to no avail. I’m ready to start borrowing/renting the seasons to get my BBT fix! Penny grows on you, but Wolowitz is the one who really drives me crazy. Argh!


  4. I held off on HIMYM but then everyone raved about it, so I knew I had to watch. Being the weirdo I am, though, I felt like I needed watch the episodes in order… thank God they put it on Netflix! Same thing with Big Bang Theory – I’ve watched a handful of episodes randomly, but want to watch from the beginning. Also, The League is hilarious! My boyfriend introduced me to it and although I was skeptical at first, it really is so funny.

  5. I definitely love BBT and HIMYM. Other favorites: 30 Rock, Modern Family

  6. I just started watching Modern Family this year and I cannot believe I waited so long. It’s so freaking funny. I’m dying when I watch this show. I have to watch all the other seasons now.

  7. I love HIMYM too – and I jumped on that one a bit late because in the UK the tv schedule for it was initially all over the place so I barely got the chance to see it. Now I adore it.

  8. I’ve been meaning to write a similar post for quite some time. I’m just wrapping up season 6 of HIMYM, and it’s… whatever. I don’t hate it, I guess. As for The League — Um, YES. (Also, I won, too!) Great characters. I think I might start Big Bang Theory Next, or Modern Family. I watched Arrested Development and didn’t hate it, but I don’t see why it was “sooooooo amazing” – maybe I’m just not a fan of somewhat cynical humor. If you like The Office, definitely give Parks & Rec a try, but start with the second season. I promise it won’t disappoint.

  9. I didn’t watch HIMYM until some time last year when we started watching reruns. Then it got onto Netflix and we were hooked. We also started watching Breaking Bad a little late as well. 4 seasons AFTER it started.

    I kind of want to watch Big Bang Theory, but the commercials have always looked annoying. But since it’s on Netflix, I might try it….Might.

  10. I LOVE The League, some of the stuff they say on that show is hilarious and inappropriate. But entertaining as hell. I still am not watching the others, not there yet.

  11. Big Bang Theory has seriously made my life better. and that scene is seriously one of the top three best ones ever. seriously, just so much goodness from that show.

  12. I’m now watching Mad Men too! I got hooked when I saw the premiere while up in NYC. My friend convinced me to watch it and I’m so glad he did. I’m catching up on Netflix now — almost finished with Season 1!


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