Pick Your Pregnancy Battles

I have a pregnancy pillow.  Basically, some companies got smart and instead of pregnant women shoving a pillow or two between their legs/under their baby bump, they started marketing specific pillows made just for this purpose.

One day I’ll capitalize on one of these things myself and strike it rich.  Rich I tell you!  Rich!!

Anyway – my friend Jennifer, who has a 6 month old baby boy (Baby Bean’s future boyfriend) told me to buy the pregnancy pillow sooner rather than later, because it’s not cheap, and once you’re really uncomfortable in your last months of pregnancy, you’re not going to want to buy it because you’re essentially almost done.  Needless to say I listened to her advice once sleep started becoming an issue.  (I miss sleeping on my stomach!!)  Once the pillow arrived, Dave was… not as enthused about my purchase as I was.

“It’s like you erected the Berlin Wall between us in bed.”

Yes, the pillow is big. BUT we sleep in a huge king bed, and it’s not like we were cuddlers beforehand. Early on in our relationship we established the bed boundaries – and the no touching rule. Picture an invisible barrier down the middle of our bed.  We both produce massive amounts of body heat when sleeping, it’s just not comfortable!!  This is my preggo pillow:

normal preggo pillow

The pillow is bean shaped, is super fluffy for the part that goes between your legs, and recedes slightly in depth for your growing tummy. (My stomach barely reaches it at this point, but I just kind of shove it on there.)

Now, I want everyone to understand that I chose the simplest, least obtrusive pregnancy pillow I could find.  I have two examples to back up my argument.

Exhibit A:
Boppy crazy snake preggo pillowThis pillow is by Boppy, and the first thing I could think of was that it looks like a giant snake getting ready to wrap itself around your body and choke the crap out of you.  Also, what’s wrong with your normal pillow that you need to use this for your head as well?  Dave complains about my pillow, can you imagine the trauma this one would cause?  I wouldn’t be able to see him, at all, past this thing.  My issue with this also is that I go to the bathroom at least once or twice during the night due to Baby  Bean.  This looks like it wraps almost all the way around your butt – I don’t need to be untangling myself from that crap each time I have to go!

And Exhibit B:

Giant, there's no way someone else is sleeping in bed with you preggo pillowYeah. This thing. I don’t even really have words for this. I believe Dave’s exact reaction when I showed it to him (in defense of my pillow) was, “What the hell is that?”  First of all, I love how she’s nonchalantly lounging diagonally across a bed.  Because that’s going to happen – unless you have a king bed to yourself.  Also  – WHY???  The only good thing I can see about this monstrosity is that if you flip over, you don’t have to bring the pillow with you because its ALL ENCOMPASSING.  I actually think I would somehow get lost in that pillow.  And there would definitely be no room for Dave in our bed.  Do people actually buy this?  (Please comment and tell me if you did – I’m curious.)  It’s over a foot high!  And weighs 10 pounds!  I’m surprised you even need a bed!

So there you have it.  My pregnancy pillow doesn’t seem all that bad now, does it?

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  1. I want that last pillow now! Note that I am not pregnant and do not plan to become pregnant anytime in the foreseeable future. But I am a “cuddly sleeper” and as I am currently sans boyfriend, I like to sleep cuddled up with a giant body pillow. But that pregnancy pillow looks AMAZING!

  2. “I’m surprised you even need a bed!”–BAHAHAHA.

    When I was pregnant I was cheap, so I just bought a regular long body pillow, not designed for pregnant people specifically. It worked pretty well, though I would have preferred it a smidge longer. All night I would flip back and forth from one side with the pillow to the other side where I used Torsten as my pillow. OH it was so nice to sleep on my back again after I gave birth. GLORIOUS.

  3. Dan hated my pillow too which was essentially just a really long pillow. I would LOVE to still sleep with that thing but it got thrown in the closet pretty much as soon as we got home from the hospital!

  4. I would DIE to have exhibit B to lounge around in, while my single butt still has room in my bed to do that!!

  5. Oh my god, that last one kind of scared me. I think I’d have a nightmare that I was slipping between the couch crack, hahaha!

    As for me, I’m er… Not even pregnant, but I do love me some pillow cuddlin’. We have a futon (read: freaking small) bed, which Jen and I share (and do cuddle on, we’re sleepy cuddlers.) Our cats often climb into bed with us. So two ladies, two cats. A pillow for each of our heads. A pillow to go between my knees (it’s a pet peeve for me, when my knees touch… Weird, yes.) and my stuffed Christmas Moose to also snuggle. 😛 Often Jen’s stuffed dinosaur will also sneak into bed!!!

    It’s full, but we LOVE IT. If/when I do become pregnant, you bet I’m getting a pregnancy pillow, hah!

  6. whoa. That last one is crazy. ten pounds!? With all the extra weight we have to carry when pregnant are we really going to want to pick up a ten lb pillow when we make the bed? Yeah right! I think your pillow looks like the best option. Although, now that I think about it, the last one would be really good for lying on the floor and watching a good movie. Of course, that also makes me think of dog beds and I certainly do not want to be compared to a dog. Hmm…these pillows have me thinking of so many things!

  7. What’s the name of the first pillow? I’ve only 13 weeks along but have been sleeping on my side for “practice” for later!

  8. That last pillow just doesn’t look comfy.

  9. Wow – your pillow is DEFINITELY the best of the bunch. I was that woman who ended up not buying one (couldn’t justify the expense as well as the amount of space it took up – where would I put it once the pregnancy was over in our downtown apartment?). I love your “bed boundaries” rule! My hubs produces massive amounts of body heat @ night as well 🙂

  10. All I’m saying is we would’ve had room for several of these pillows in the giant bed we shared at the Summit. Also, I guess I realize why you didn’t offer to spoon me. 😉

  11. I didn’t buy a special pregnancy pillow I used a regular long body pillow but I had to put it between us as well and my husband HATED it. I actually needed to always have pillows all around me like a nest. He’s so happy now that I’ve retired that thing and we can cuddle again (though like you I don’t like to be touched when I sleep).

  12. I just have a giant regular body pillow. It’s kind of annoying how big it is, because it’s hard for me to change sides easily without it getting tangled in the covers, but now that my hips are starting to bother me at night, I can’t sleep without it.

  13. I was feeling Exhibit A until you brought up the point about the bathroom. And Exhibit B is even more insane. lol Great post!

  14. dude, your pillow looks the best for sure. i can’t imagine sleeping with such ginormous pillows! also. eeeeee baby talk! haha.

  15. YAY! I am so glad you listened. Do you love it? I still regret not getting it. The next time around I am getting it the minute I see that BFP. LOL! Enjoy!

  16. omg… I’ve been using a body pillow and convincing myself that a Snoogle wasn’t really necessary… you MIGHT have just changed my mind!! 🙂

  17. Woah, that’s intense. I’ll have to get one for my pregnant sister!

  18. My little sister is pregnant and I kind of want to buy her exhibit B just so I can sit back and laugh as she inspects her new twin sized bed- I MEAN, pregnancy pillow.



  19. I’m not a cuddly sleeper either. I sleep flat on my stomach and my husband sleeps on his back and I do not touch him again until the a.m. I hear you on the body heat! A king bed seems like a fantasy right now in our 10×11 NYC apt. room. Don’t know what I’ll do when I’m pregnant! Yikes!

  20. I bought a pillow similar to exhibit B and named him Armando. It was a love/hate relationship. It was then passed off to Heather when she was preggers with Gabe.

  21. This made me laugh out loud! I’m almost 34 weeks now and proud to admit that I actually sleep with exhibit A AND exhibit B every night… I was actually only Team Boppy for the majority of my pregnancy; the Mr. actually bought me that U-shaped monstrosity as a Christmas present. After sleeping together on a full-sized mattress for the last 6 years (2 of them in an IKEA loft bed in our NYC apt), we have upgraded to a king-sized mattress so it really doesn’t cause an issue. And I sleep like a baby, so I’m totally ‘ugly pregnancy pillow fort FTW!’ Thanks for giving me a good giggle this morning…


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