Finicky Food Issues

My mom always jokes that I was less picky about food when I was a toddler than I am now.  Sad part is, it’s totally true.  I basically ate anything and everything when I was younger, and now the list of things I won’t eat has grown exponentially:

  • Pork (except bacon)
  • Veal
  • Lamb
  • Mayonnaise (but in chicken/pasta/potato salad its ok)
  • Sun dried tomatoes
  • Roasted red peppers
  • Eggnog (gag)
  • etc, so forth, so on.

(This didn’t just start when I got pregnant, FYI.)  In addition to that craziness above, I’m also picky about how food is served.  Whenever Dave makes Indian food (which is AMAZING) he always asks if I want the protein on top of the rice, or next to.  Because while he’ll mix all his food together in a bowl and consume it – because it’s “all going to the same place” – I 99.9% of the time want my food separated.  I don’t go as far as compartmental trays (yet), but most of the time, no there needs to be a finite line of separation.

Now, I’m not so insane that this crosses over into restaurants.  If I order chicken, and it comes on top of mashed potatoes or what not, that’s fine.  I might eventually move the chicken to the side of the plate, but I won’t make the kitchen do it.  I’m also not one of those people who will spear multiple items with their fork to consume.  One bite chicken, one bite veggie, etc.

I also don’t like when random things are put into my food.  I love couscous and will eat it on it’s own.  One time my mom put chickpeas in the couscous.  What. The. Hell!!!  It was NOT okay, and she was never permitted to do it again.  Ever.

Am I weird?  (Dave, you’re not allowed to answer.)  I know other people out there must have food “issues” like I do.


P.S. This post was brought on by the fact that I usually get annoyed at Dunkin’ Donuts if they don’t cut my bagel down the middle.  Today, I got annoyed because the guy cut it down the middle, and then AGAIN so it was cut into quarters.  Did I want a bagel finger sandwich?  No.  What’s with the quarters guy??  (TOTAL first world problems here.)  (Obviously I still consumed it.)  (Sheesh.)


  1. I can’t eat olives by themselves, but if they’re part of a dish, somehow that makes it okay.

  2. this makes me giggle and your food problems are SO not even that bad. Here’s just a SMIDGE of my issues.

    I don’t eat the ends of ANYTHING, especially bacon.

    I like most veggies raw but not cooked.

    My food can’t touch EVER.

    The only protein i eat is chicken. No weird seasonings or sauces, just chicken please & thank you.

    I don’t eat eggs, cauliflower, ham, peppers, onions, milk, ice cream, anything spicy, bbq sauce, mayo, seafood, chocolate… the list goes on and on. lol.

    Basically, I eat like a toddler.

  3. Omg eggnog in my FACE I LOVE ITTTT. And lamb. There’s nothing like a good shwarma. Though I don’t eat mushrooms. Or veal. Or eggs unless they’re hard boiled. Or black olives or tofu. And you know how I eat Lucky Charms.

  4. haha I don’t even like my bagels cut down the middle! It’s not a turkey sandwich…I can only imagine the horror of it being cut in quarters.

  5. I can’t stand eating eggs when I eat things like French toast or pancakes, anything with syrup.

    I prefer that my foods don’t touch, but it’s not a bit deal if they do.

    I think mayo is the most disgusting thing ever and I have no shame about wiping it off my sandwiches…in public. But small amounts of Miracle Whip is okay for some reason.

    I also don’t eat bananas, but like banana bread or muffins.

    I like my ketchup at room temperature, not in the fridge. I asked my mom about this one day earlier this year and she was all, “Really, 20 years later and you want to know this at 9am on a random Tuesday?” Clearly, my questions are not important.

  6. I don’t like mixing my food in the ‘it’s all going to the same place’ way – a stab of this, that and the other thing all on one fork serving. If it’s served mixed/layered, fine, otherwise I like the ‘finite line separation.’ I also like to finish one part of the meal before moving on to the next. For example, if I have stuffing, turkey and potatoes, I’ll finish all the stuffing before moving on to the turkey and then the turkey before heading to the potatoes.

    If you’re ever considering giving eggnog another shot, definitely try this recipe. It’s the only eggnog I’l drink. Oh and the rum really makes this eggnog so you’ll have to wait a few months, in case you were gonna rush out right away and try it. lol

  7. Oh God, my family has so very many food issues. My six year old niece has recently decided she’s a vegetarian, so she basically lives on fruit, potatoes and cheese. My brother picks stuff out of bolognaise sauce and refuses to eat cheese unless it comes pre-grated in a bag marked ‘tasty’.

    And then there’s me. I don’t eat anything from a pig. Even the smell of pork/ham/bacon makes me gag. I don’t eat any seafood (neither does my brother). I can deal with eggs in cake or cookies, but other than that they need to stay the hell away from me. And olives were sent by the devil to torment me. I don’t mind it if my food touches. But any kind of sauce needs to be on the side. Don’t even get me started on gravy!! *shudder*

    Food issues: I haz dem.

  8. Let’s see… I have a hard time eating anything mushy that shouldn’t be mushy. Like, for example, meatloaf.
    I hate seafood but love calamari. I recently loved and now yet again can’t stand popcorn shrimp. I don’t like anyone touching my food, or my plate, etc. unless it’s Jen.
    I love bacon, but will not touch anything else pork related… Except salami.
    I can’t stand touching raw meat.
    I won’t touch a mushroom…….. Gaaaaaag.

    And so much more!

  9. I have texture issues. I don’t like gritty things. That includes grits, obviously, but the major offender is pears. The flavor is fine, the texture is awful.
    I also can’t mix my foods on my plate… and I usually eat one thing at a time until it’s gone. Like, if there’s chicken, rice, and green beans, I’ll eat all the chicken, then all the rice, and then all the green beans.

    I think we’re totally normal, of course.

  10. I don’t like squishy food.


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