Never have I ever…

In an effort to get my blogging mojo back, I’m copping out with a list 🙂  I stole this from Teacher Girl BlogsI am 28 years old, and I have never…

1. Gone bungee jumping or sky-diving.  And I never will.  Fear of heights What WHAAAT!!

2. Baked an entire multi-tiered cake from scratch.  (It’s on my Life List!)

3. Learned how to dive properly.  Just can’t do it!!

4. Run a marathon or any sort of long distance race. Me + running long distance = no bueno.

5. Dyed my hair.  Although I did have blonde highlights for a few years.  And also a red Kool-aid streak in my hair for awhile.

6. Never read any of the Twilight books, or watched the movies.  Don’t plan on changing this anytime soon.

7. Caught the bouquet at a wedding.  And I did a pretty shanty job of throwing the bouquet at my own wedding!


8. Touched the stomach of a pregnant woman I don’t know.  If anyone does this to me I will punch them in the face.  (I don’t mind people I know doing this… at least as of now!)

9. Done or taken a body shot.  1 – gross 2 – no – 3 – gross.

10. Funneled a beer.  I don’t have that kind of stomach capacity.  Or chugging capacity?  Either or.

11. Have never gone planking.  It’s freaking stupid.  Although the opening of the Office last week had me cry-laughing.

12. Gotten a tattoo.  I want one, but can’t figure out what I would put on my body for the rest of my life.  For now, I’ll just live vicariously through my BFF Allison’s/Dave’s/my sister-in-law’s/bro-in-law’s/cousin’s/every other person I know’s tattoos.

13. Had a dog as a pet.

14. Watched the entire Godfather trilogy, or Star Wars sixology (?)

15. Had my eyebrows waxed.

16. Had a bikini wax.  Or Brazilian.  OUCH.

17. Gone crowd surfing at a concert.

18. Picked up a hitchhiker.  Or hitchhiked.

19. Snuck into a movie.

20. Broken a bone.

21. Purchased a new car.

22. Cooked Thanksgiving dinner for my family.

23. Driven cross country.

24. Fasted for Yom Kippur.

25. Voluntarily donated blood.  (I used to not weigh enough, and I’m terrified of needles.)


Are some of these shocking to you?  Haven’t done them yourselves?


  1. Oh, your list is so much better than mine. I did one of these last week & had SUCH a hell of a time coming up with stuff…

  2. Your list is way better than mine was! I have two tattoos, and I would get more except I am a wimp and the pain sucks. I agree on Twilight and planking, have not and will not! I signed up for a half marathon with my mom in January and I am so mad at myself right now. I haven’t trained at all and I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to go and run it. Alas, I have to.

  3. Of your list I’ve done 3, 7, 13, 14, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25.

    They are mostly in the last half…not sure what that’s about. 😉


  4. Lacey! I love this post and I am so excited for you and Dave!

  5. Prior to getting pregnant I never weighed enough to donate blood either! Hopefully after the baby comes that will be the case again.

  6. my goodness we are so similar it’s hilarious. i’ve never learned how to dive either! it’s pretty embarrassing. and no hair dying, i’m too much of a wuss, and no tattoo because i can’t decide so i guess that’s a pretty good indicator i shouldn’t.

  7. There is nothing wrong with trying to get your mojo going with a list, aside from that I like reading list type things, they’re fun!! How about a list of some of the more awesome things you have done, are planning on doing and know you will someday do. as for me i’ve done about 10 of the things on your list… 2, 5, 7(did that one 2x’s), 12, 13, 15, 19, 20, 22, 25.
    i also have a fear of heights and will never bungge jump or sky dive, will never read the twilight books nor watch the godfather. and much like you those will stay on my never ever list forever.
    Horray for bebe on the way 😀 so damm excited for you and hubby!

  8. I love this pic from your wedding!

  9. I’ve done quite a few of the items on your list. And, I, uh, don’t really want to say which ones. :p

  10. really? Never broken a bone? I’ve broken both wrists.

    Beer bong? Oh the college days…


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