A little somethin’ to cool you down

It’s the middle of October.  It was 85 degrees here yesterdayWHAT IS UP WITH THAT?  Not that I’m really complaining, but I wore shorts two days in a row!  In October in NYC, that just shouldn’t be!  (Tee hee rhyme!)

In celebration of the summer-like temperatures, I wanted to share this super refreshing, yummy Cherry Limeade recipe with you!  I pinned this awhile ago, and made it for an impromptu barbeque Dave and I threw one lazy day. It’s a super easy recipe, and you could definitely booze it up if you’re needing a little extra somethin’ somethin’ in your drink.  😉

– Grenadine
– 7UP/Sprite (Diet or Regular)
– Limes (lime juice)
– Cherries

There really are no super accurate measurements.  I wound up using 2 bottles of 7UP to fill my super awesome drink dispenser


That's about 1 bottle and some ice

Now here comes the really intricate, involved, time consuming part of the recipe… for every 8 ounces of 7UP add 2 tablespoons of grenadine and limes to taste.  Difficult, right?  😉


I need to paint my nails that style again ASAP

So basically just figure out how many ounces in your bottle(s) of soda, and go from there.  Now I used straight up lime juice from a bottle to flavor it, and tasted as I went.  I didn’t bother cutting and squeezing limes for the juice, because I’m lazy.  I did use the limes as a garnish of sorts with halved cherries, but I would probably leave them out all together next time, or leave them on the side for people to use on the rims of their cups.


Y-U-M! I loved this, and would definitely make it again to serve at BBQs, or just for myself!


  1. Looks delicious and refreshing for a hot day!

  2. This looks delicious. Would it be wrong to make it just for me and hubby at home?? YUM.

  3. Bottle some of that up and ship it to Seattle.

  4. Lacey, this sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE, and I need to make some of this for our household PRONTO. It hasn’t been that hot here (at least, I don’t think), but this sounds like the perfect kind of tailgate treat. Maybe with some vodka? But that might spell trouble…

    Thanks for sharing, lady!

  5. YUM is right!!! <3 Also, I can imagine doing this with strawberry juice and kiwis too!!!

  6. Yes. YUM.


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