Menu Monday – on a Tuesday!

Menu Monday!

I figure its time to bring Menu Monday back into my blogging rotation, now that I actually plan on you know, meal planning and blogging! Huzzah!! This week I went heavy on the meals I could double the recipes for and freeze, and also made some delicious sauce for future pasta nights:

Skillet Chili Mac: I got this recipe from RA years ago during Whip it Up (I miss that!) and it’s been in our meal rotation ever since. Made a double portion of the recipe Sunday night, and froze a good chunk of it for meals later. Basically Dave won’t let me make this without doubling the recipe.  It’s. So. GOOD.

Asian Pasta: This is actually the very first recipe I made for the first year of Whip it Up.  It’s simple, but really tasty and a great cold meal to just slurp down a bowl or two while watching all the good people get kicked off ANTM All Stars.  No, just me?  Since making it the first time, I’ve doubled the recipe (always – we like leftovers) and added scallions, and some green peppers to color it up a bit.  Like spice?  It’s got great kick from the sesame oil and cayenne pepper.  Lip burning mmmmmm.

Smashed Potato Soup: My first slow cooker meal of fall!!  When I was flipping through my recipe binders (oh yes, there are binders) to find meals to make this week, this one smacked me in the face and was like “HELLO!!  Remember me?? I’m DELICIOUS!” Okay not really, but it did jump out at me as the perfect colder weather recipe.  And anything I can throw in my slow cooker, turn the heat on and walk away is a great recipe in my book.

And as some extras, I made:

– A heaping pot of Vodka Sauce, from the best Penne alla Vodka recipe EVER.  Everyone I know who makes this or has tasted it freaks on it. My mom called me the day after she had some (I gave her a frozen batch) and verbally accosted me, asking, “WHAT WAS IN THE SAUCE?!? IT’S SO GOOD!!”  Yeah, it’s good.  (But sad face that D.A.R., who the recipe came from, doesn’t blog anymore!)  🙁  This recipe warranted tripling the amounts, so we have sauce for quite a while.

– A delicious loaf of Honey Beer Bread. I like making breads that don’t involve yeast, because well, yeast scares me.  I WILL OVERCOME THIS!!  But for now, I like easy breads with few ingredients.  Enter Honey Beer Bread!!  Actually found this on Pinterest, and it was super yummy.  I used agave nectar instead of honey because I had some in the house, and MmmmmMmmmm it was good.  I’ve made beer bread before, and I kind of want to make both recipes at once and compare!

– And last, but certainly not least, I have plans to make these.  I KNOW.  (Nutella Peanut Butter cookies, if you didn’t click.)  DROOL WORTHY.  I think maybe that’ll be a Saturday plan, since we’ll be home all day waiting for our bed frame to be delivered.  No more sleeping on the floor – yay!


Anything yummy cooking on your menu this week?


  1. seriously all of these look delicious. come cook at my house okay? 🙂

  2. I’m making these black pepper chicken thighs with mango, rum, and cashews tonight (, so I have high hopes for that. Don’t be scared of baking with yeast! It’s a little intimidating, sure, but I promise it is mostly magical and fun. Also, I vote that we bring Whip It Up back– seasonal recipes, anyone?

  3. I made cheesey chicken lasagna roll-ups last night, and posted the recipe today, actually! They were so good!

  4. its official. i HAVE to try the vodka sauce. especially since it freezes well. always looking for ways to pay it forward.

  5. I LOVE this series. I’ve been cooking a ton lately and am constantly looking for new no-hassle recipes… I just pinned your soup and vodka sauce on Pinterest!!

  6. BRB, booking a flight to the US so I can have dinner at your place.

    That Skillet Chili Mac looks like an amazing bowl of America and I wants it in my belly asap. But mostly…those cookies. Mid-terms are now here so it’s basically time for me to start baking all. the. time. Except all I have is a tiny little toaster oven. Struggles.

    But I will find a way to make those cookies…

  7. I’m so jealous of your cooking, you look like an amazing cook. Every time I go to your blog I literally get so hungry but no I’m not cooking this weekend, probably because I live in the dorms and the kitchen is two floors down.

    BTW I’ve given you an award.


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