I heart Sweaty Bands! (and a giveaway!)

I don’t know about you but I have no luck with headbands.  It either goes one of two ways – they don’t stay put and keep sliding back away from my hairline, or they give me massive headaches. I also think I have a narrow head, so they hurt more, or something, I don’t know. They just hurt.  IT SUCKS!!  There are so many cute headbands out there, but I can barely wear any of them.  🙁

Anyway.  My BFFer Allison walked into my house wearing this cute little sequin-y headband one day and she nearly exploded with excitement when I asked her where it was from.  She ranted and raved about Sweaty Bands, how ridiculously awesome they were, and cute, and how they stayed in place when she worked out.  Now, Allison is a work out FIEND.  No really, she had her boyfriend are hardcore, and she just also completed the Warrior Dash!  I wish I had that kind of drive.  But the fact that she rocks these headbands while working out, and running crazy races and more had me sold.  Lucky for me, the awesome team behind Sweaty Bands sent me a set to try them out!! I spent a full day rocking this thick, polka dotted beauty…


Besides being cute, it didn’t move an inch ALL DAY!! I’m not going to lie, I still got a bit of a headache from the headband, but it was hours and hours later, and after a few more wears, it stretched a bit and headaches no more!

Super cute headband, horrible picture of me. Mrrrphh.

The best part about this all is – Sweaty Bands sent me a headband to give away to you!! And because I’m nice – you get to pick which one you want from these two adorable designs!


As you can see the polka dotted headband is a little wider than the blue design. Neither is as wide as the one I’m rocking in the pictures.


I love the designs! If I could keep them all, I would. But I’m not THAT mean. 😉

So here’s how you enter!!

– Mandatory: Leave a comment telling me which Sweaty Band you’d rock if you won! The polka dot or the blue.
(leave an additional comment for each!)
– Follow me on Twitter – @LaceyBean
– Follow Perks of Being a JAP on Google Friend Connect
– “Like” (join, whatever) Perks of Being a JAP on Facebook
– Like the Sweaty Bands Facebook page

Contest ends on Thursday, September 8 at 11:59pm EST and is only open to residents of the United States.  Good luck!!

Disclaimer – I was sent headbands by Sweaty Bands to review and then host a giveaway for.  I was not compensated in any way for this post – all opinions are my own.  WORD. 

Congrats to the winner – KT!!


  1. I would love the polka dot headband!

  2. I already follow you on Twitter (@sameve) 🙂

  3. Hell, I won’t even be picky! If I were to be one of the winners, I would take whichever Sweaty Band wasn’t grabbed by the other, simply because SWEATY BANDS RULE!!!!!

  4. I already “LIKE” both Perks of Being a Jap AND Sweaty Bands on the FaceBook!! WOOT WOOT!

  5. I would rock the polka dot band!

  6. I follow you on Twitter. (@aubreyland325)

  7. I follow via Google Friends Connect.

  8. I “Like” this blog on Facebook!

  9. I would rock the blue one. It looks similar to a headband that I have in different colors. I love these things!

  10. I follow you on GFC.

  11. SO cute! I’d totally wear the navy one. I’m always looking for a good headband for working out, my Goody ones are not hacking it.

  12. Oh and I follow you on Twitter 😉

  13. love! I think i’d go with the polka dots. i follow you on twitter and follow on google. (duh)

  14. Adorable!!!! Love the polka dotted one. its rather awesome! I often have the same issues with headbands.

  15. i already “like” you on facebook, follow you on twitter and on google friend connect.

  16. and…..I “like” sweaty bands on facebook 🙂 such cute stuff!

  17. Yay, headbands! I am in the same boat as you–headbands are always slip-sliding or squeezing my head until I get headaches. The few “workout headbands” I have usually last five minutes before they fall off. I’d pick the black one!

  18. I follow you on Twitter! (@TehSonz)

  19. Google Friend Connect too

  20. I would totally rock both of those! Love Sweaty Bands… my dad actually got me a thinner one when he was in Cincinnati for the Flying Pig Half, and I need to get my hands on a few more because they are absolutely fantastic for running!

    Glad to find another believer in them!

  21. Awesommme. I have the same problems with headbands & would love to try one that doesn’t make me feel like my brains are coming out my ears. I like the blue one a lot. 🙂

  22. I follow you on Twitter. Duh.

  23. And I follow you using GFC, too.

  24. I would so rock the polka dot headband while playing roller derby!!

  25. I follow you on Twitter.

  26. I like the Perks of Being a J.A.P. Facebook page, too.

  27. I follow Perks of Being a JAP on Google Friend Connect.

  28. AND I just liked the Sweaty Bands Facebook page. 😀

  29. Ahhhh, this is awesome!!! I have the same exact issues with headbands!!!

    I would totally rock the polka dot headband!

  30. I follow you on Twitter!!!

  31. I follow you on GFC!

  32. I like you on Facebook!

  33. I like Sweaty Bands on Facebook!

  34. those are super cute! I like the blue the best!

  35. I follow you on twitter

  36. and I am connected with google friend!

  37. and I like your facebook page!

  38. I follow you on Twitter already. These headbands are so cute! I would love the polka dotty one. =)

  39. ooh i’d love the polka dot one!

  40. um. these are so cute! i would totally rock the polka dots one, it’s adorable. well they both are. but i sort of love the polka dots more. woo.

  41. I’m the EXACT SAME WAY! Hard headbands are usually too small and dig into my huge head (headache) or if they’re stretchy, they slide right off the back of my head throughout the day. I’ve given up.

  42. I have the same problem with them rolling off of my head. I would love to have one of these to keep the sweat out of my eyes when I’m working out. Heck, I could have used it today! I like the polka dot one, more my style. Thanks.

  43. I would rock the polka dot!

  44. I follow you on twitter!

  45. I follow your blog on Google Reader/Friend Connect

  46. I love sweaty bands! I bought my first one a few years ago, and they’re amazing! I would definitely rock the blue one — it matches my sneakers!!

  47. I also follow you on twitter. I’m @jaimiemichelle8 🙂

  48. And I follow your blog with Google Friend Connect!

  49. And because I love Sweaty Bands so much, I “like” them on facebook!

    Wham bam, I’m blowin’ up your comments!

  50. Too cute! Headbands never stay on me either. . .
    I adore the blue design!

  51. I follow you on Twitter!

  52. I “like” you on FB!

  53. I “like” the Sweaty Bands FB page!

  54. Polka dots!

  55. I would love the blue one.

    I have a big head and all headbands hurt me… so I would love to try this one!

    (And I follow you on Twitter and am a fan on FB). 🙂

  56. I love the blue one! Those are really nifty!

  57. Definitely the blue–I have one already, but I need another one in my rotation. I didn’t think they would really work, it’s just a ribbon and a piece of velvet, after all, but hallelujah! they stay in and keep the sweat off!

  58. I have the same problem with headbands. All of them usually suck. I love the polka dot!

  59. I follow on Twitter. 🙂 @melissa_listens

  60. These look awesome and would solve my headband problems too! I like the polka dot best!

  61. I’m a fb follower of your page too 🙂

  62. the bluuuuue one!

  63. i like you on facebook

  64. aaaaaaand twitter!

  65. I would totally rock the polka dots.

  66. I follow you on twitter. I’m @beerandpie. 🙂

  67. I would love the polka dots!

  68. I LOVE LOVE LOVE (that’s a lot of love, by they way) the blue Sweaty Band! I always have problems keeping those bands in my hair when I run. Usually I attribute it to the fact that I must have an oddly shaped noggin. But maybe, just maybe, Sweaty Band will save the day!

  69. I follow you on twitter, and liked both you and sweaty bands on FB.
    I would love a thick animal print sweaty band 😉

  70. Um hello, I’d rock BOTH! 😉

  71. The blue one!!

  72. Also: I already follow you on Twitter, does that count? (@kelalea)


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