Yes, this is a hurricane post*

*Alternately called “Here I am… Blogging about a Hurricane!” Post title by my friend Pat.

It’s weird to be on this end of a hurricane or other natural occurrence for once, instead of just reading about it in another part of the country or world. I’ve never had to prepare for a hurricane before, and it’s interesting to see what everyone is doing. We saw a LOT of people stocking up on cigarettes and beer in the supermarket (haha).

Last night Dave and I put all patio furniture, our bikes and potted plants in the shed, and tied our barbeque and table to the fence. His motorcycle went in our landlord’s garage.  We’re not boarding up the windows, because we’re in Zone C, and Zones A & B are expected to be the worst hit.  Everyone in Zone A has been evacuated.  The city shut down our entire transit system.  I haven’t seen anything like this in preparation for a storm EVER.

Once it hits, we’re hunkering down in our apartment, watching for flooding and running upstairs to our friend’s apartment if needed.  Meanwhile, here is an AWESOME list of hurricane preparation in the rest of the world, and New York.  (And it’s scarily true!)


**EDIT** 2:30pm August 28 – we’re fine! Lost power from 3am – 11am or so, had a small leak in our living room, and some tree branches down, but otherwise we were untouched by the storm. Some of our neighbors and other towns in the Bronx and Westchester weren’t so lucky and have major flooding, trees crushing cars and other damage. Some people are taking this all lightly and making a joke of it, but remember, it could have been you.

Also, there is no promise of the NYC transit system being up and running by any time tomorrow, so it looks like I’ll be working from home. (Slight win.)


  1. I hope you guys are OK! Crazy that they shut down the transit system! And that list made me laugh 🙂 I would be the one speculating about work on Monday, and my husband would be the one wondering about the french press, ha ha!

  2. It’s pouring in Boston, but we don’t have anything yet. I suspect our time is coming… I’ve filled the bathtub, packed a to-go bag, stocked up on beer & dried foods… Here’s hoping we’re all safe!

  3. Hilarious list!!

    I hope you guys don’t get any damage or flooding!

  4. I think that pretty much describes New Jersey, too. Everyone I spoke to prioritized getting drunk once all the preparation was done and the liquor stores were as crowded as the gas stations.

    I’m not worried yet, because who knows how bad it will actually be. I live in north/central Jersey, but still relatively close to the eastern border of the state. Mostly I’m concerned the power will go out and take forever to come back on.

  5. Glad to hear you guys are safe!

  6. I was staying with my friend who’s place was also in a zone C area. I think she may have had a small leak occur in her bathroom because of the rain, but otherwise her apartment faired pretty well. So, all in all not too eventful, thankfully.

  7. Glad to hear you guys did okay through the hurricane and were prepared. Hope things are back to normal soon!

  8. Happy to know that you escaped the worst of Irene.

    Hurricanes are really no joke especially down here in Texas. I’ve heard about the storm surge & flooding on the news this morning. Haven’t been able to bring myself to look for photos of the devastation — it’ll give me nightmares. I still get jittery thinking about my Ike experience. Wow the wind!

    Anyhow, happy you two made it through with limited damage.

  9. whew!


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