What’s in my bag: #20SBSummit edition!

I’ve always wanted to do one of those “What’s in my Bag” posts. I’m a nosy person – I knowing what people carry in their bags! (I also peek into people’s windows while walking by if the shades are up… stalker much?) When I got home from the 20SB Summit I figured that was better a time than any for my post! So, it’s What’s in my Bag… Summit edition!!

This was my carry on bag. This backpack rocks, I got it at Target before my Birthright Israel trip and it’s lasted me since then (circa 2007?) It’s got a bajillion pockets and zippers, and holds everything. It’s now been to Israel, Costa Rica, all over Europe on our honeymoon, Dominican Republic and across the U.S.
Here’s what happened when I emptied all of those pockets:

100_0061So much stuff!

Let’s break it down:

100_0070Electronics: Kindle, Laptop, Blackberry(work), Android (personal), Point & Shoot camera (my good one is broken) and iPod

100_0072Toiletries and What Not: Fuzzy socks for the plane, two makeup bags, tissues, Excedrin migraine, Q-tip etc, Robitussin (I was at the end of a cold), Orbit gum, hand lotion, lip gloss, nail strengthener

100_0073Fun stuff!: Waller, People magazine (my guilty pleasure), Moleskin notebook, Ray-Ban sunglasses/case, pens

100_0077Summit specific items: Vapur water bottle, Summit agenda, Jenny Blake‘s book/bookmark, GAP jeans vouchers, two amazing photobooth pics from the Opening Party by Murphy-Goode Wine.

And that’s what was in my bag! Have you done one of these posts before? Do you get as much pleasure out of peeking into someone else’s stuff as I do?


Also – check out how I fixed up my blog! Looks a little cleaner, there’s an About page, and a new badge for you to grab!!!


  1. OMG! Love this post and looking into people’s bags.
    I first learned what a fetish was in middle school when a friend told me “you have a fetish for looking into other peoples bags.” Little did I know what a fetish really pertained to. I mean, I like looking in bags, but not that much.

  2. Oh, this looks fantastic! I LOVE the purple! (Also, I love to see what people carry with them, too!)

  3. Love seeing in to bags! That bag holds so much. Love your camera color =)

  4. I love that little hedgehog zipper case! Maybe I’ll do one of these posts, too…


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