Shakespeare, the Bachelorette and Blog Swap is Why my Summer Rocks

PhotobucketToday is the 9th Blog Swap for 20 Something Bloggers! I was lucky enough to be paired up with one of the 20SB Summit speakers Sami, who throws some wicked meetups in the Windy City.  Check out his reflections on summer below… and the fact that he started out with a Shakespeare reference, and ended with a Bachelorette one.  (My kinda guy.) 

King Lear knew too well about the wheel of fortune. He said, Fortune, good night, smile once more; turn thy wheel! So did Macbeth. So do I. Many will tell you that relying on the idea that most of your life happens by luck is stupid. I, respectfully, disagree. I think I’ve got a good way of thinking about how the wheel works. It makes me less of a complainer and more of a hard worker. Every time I’m in a tough spot I tell myself that things will get better soon and I shouldn’t whine about the things I can’t change. When I’m at a high place I tell myself that this (even if I don’t know how long) will not last forever so I have to prepare for whatever the future may hold for me and stop indulging in the lucky present.

In March things weren’t looking good. A disaster hit where my soul belongs. Many Japanese suffered and it broke my heart. More than that I had to cancel a trip to Tokyo and for days couldn’t get in touch with my friends there. I felt miserable but knew that as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t have prevented that earthquake. My family was living in the middle of riots happening back home and the best I could do is call them everyday. I had to keep looking forward and know that the wheel will spin again and things will get better. Of course they would and they did.

I can say with confidence, this summer has been the best summer I can remember. It started off with going to a dear friend’s wedding in Charleston, SC. This was a special wedding because it would come to be the first wedding I ever attend. Growing up where I did didn’t afford me the honor of attending a close one’s wedding. Weddings are amazing. Or this one was, at least. I swear if you could see happiness in the air, it would have looked like that wedding. There were nothing but smiles, drinks (that lead to happy drunks and only happy drunks) flowing and tears of genuine happiness and pride.

Then came June. To Tokyo in June I went. I saw friends, made new ones and my soul felt alive again. As with anytime I’m there, I left sad that I left but happy that I know I’ll be back again. I was there for a total of 4 days and slept for less than 12 hrs during those days. Who cares?! I do care a bit about the 10 pounds that magically appeared on me after eating everything that my eyes laid on…then again it felt SO GOOD at the time and then I realize that it wasn’t magic that attached them to me. Once I got back to Chicago I started working on an amazing project that I applied for. Regardless of the sleepless nights, it felt good to be doing it. I felt proud of the work I did. Again, I was reminded that sleepless nights were what I had to endure but again I didn’t care about sleeping when the alternative was going to Lollapalooza. I had a blast dancing like no one’s watching while Ellie Goulding performed. She makes me feel alive and I wonder if one day I’ll get to see Ellie perform in Tokyo.

That’s not to say that Chicago summers aren’t amazing. They truly are. After being tortured with freezing temperatures and snow that hurts our eyes, no one celebrates summer like Chicagoans do. Outdoor sections of bars become as popular as doing sudoku on the train. You enjoy few drinks and even more laughs with friends at street festivals and the thought of eating a hot dog while yelling out your favorite’s baseball player is what keeps you motivated during your work day.

And finally here I am, summer end approaching and I’m writing for this really fantastic idea called blog swap courtesy of 20SomethingBloggers. Something I started a year or two ago in the hopes of learning things about this blog idea that I started. I’m finishing this and realizing few things. I’ve wrote a lot and I hope Lacey enjoys this even a teeny tiny bit, I know that the wheel of fortune will change so I enjoy everyday as it comes but reserve a bit to plan for when the wheel turns and finally thinking about how how Liz Lemon was so right when she said that we try to list things in threes. Or something like that… The “…” is a bachelorette reference. Start with Shakespeare, end with the bachelorette. I’ve come a full circle.

Sami is Community Manager. A traveler who is obsessed with Shakespeare, Chicago, film & music. Likes AD & Marketing. Advocate for Social Media for Social Good. Wants the White Whale. Lefty. Japanese language and culture learner. He practices his dance moves in the shower and thankfully it hasn’t lead to an injury yet.
He tweets here and blogs here.


  1. This is the cherry on top of my summer!

  2. I’m planning on going to Japan next Thanksgiving (2012) since my brother-in-law lives there – I cannot wait!! I haven’t even started looking at things to do/see…

    • You’re doing to love it! Thanksgiving is a nice time to go since it’s not too cold yet. If you need tips about Tokyo, let me know!

  3. You’re going* to love it!

  4. Sami, I love you. The end.

  5. Sami – What a heartwarming post. I may be emotional lately, but it had me tearing up. Your first wedding – so exciting, you sap.


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