Everyone, meet Betty!

I know my birthday was a month ago, but I never posted about my present from Dave!  I had wanted this gift pretty much since my last birthday.  What is it, you might ask?  It’s a new… BIKE!!! (I felt like the announcer guy from the Price is Right when he would announce what the would win!!!)  And not just any bike, but a new BEACH CRUISER!!!!!!


I owned a mountain bike for years, but never really took it out a lot.  The handlebar grips hurt my palms after awhile, my back hurt from hunching over, and it had like, five too many gears.  (Not to mention the c-r-o-t-c-h pain from the non-cushy seat.) When we were in Berlin during our honeymoon, we went on a Fat Tire Bike Tour around the city and all the bikes were cruisers.  I. Fell. In. LOVE.  It was smooth, comfortable, cute(!), c-pain free, etc.  I needed one like Carrie Bradshaw needs a new pair of Manolo Blahniks.  And I resolved to trade in my 10+ year old mountain bike for an adorable cruiser of my very own.  With a basket, of course. (Crossing this off my Life List!)


Isn’t she (yes, she) a beaut? After some research and in-store testing, we ordered the bike online from a reputable store. You’d be surprised at how few stores other than Target carry beach cruisers around here. Or maybe not, since its the Bronx… whatever. At first I was all for a super girly, feminine, pink ride. But then, I’m not really a super girly, feminine kind of girl, so I opted for sweet baby blue instead.


And of course the bike needed a name, so after much deliberation and back and forth (mainly on my own part… Dave just looked at me like I was crazy) the bike was christened – Betty.  Yes, after Betty Draper.  The stylish, classy bike needed a namesake to match… so there you go.  (I love Joan, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.)  I’ve had a lot of fun riding Betty so far (HAHAHA TWSS!).  It’s seriously fun to take around the neighborhood, and the comfort makes riding around with Dave a lot more enjoyable.  Plus, not having to drag the bike up a flight of stairs definitely helps with the biking motivation!  P.S. like the sneak peeks of our new backyard and apartment?


Do you have a bike? Cruiser, mountain… tricycle?


  1. I have wanted this. exact. bike. for years!!! I just don’t live somewhere that a bike is worth owning. But I love the color, and the basket is a must! So jealous. 🙂

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! Joe got me a peach Schwinn cruiser for my birthday last year. We special ordered her from the Schwinn dealer in town. I just affixed a bell to her that’s in the shape of a coffee cup. Her name is Lady Jane and she has a basket, too!! Betty and Lady Jane would probably be the best of friends.

  3. Ahhhhh I love it! I have a road bike myself. 🙂

  4. So cute! I love this!!


  5. If I were to ever buy a bike, it would be that one. That exact one. Give it to me.

  6. What a sweet bike! loving the basket 🙂 xxxoo

  7. Awesome!! That basket is fabulous! Love the color, love it all!

  8. I love Betty!!!! I have a fun green bike… it’s a lightish green color so it’s pretty and feminine without being pink like everyone expects out of me. HA!
    I haven’t read too much this summer bc it’s been so hot here, but last year I rode allll the time. I love it!

  9. I had a red Elvis themed beach cruiser called the “love me tender cycle” but it got stolen 🙁

  10. Such a cute bike! Now we just need a picture of you riding it haha

  11. oh it’s so cute and i LOVE that color, so beachy and fun. yay for birthdays and new bikes, hurrah!

  12. She looks like a Betty. Good name choice. She’s beautiful!

  13. SHE IS GORGEOUS! I welcome her to your family. And I love that color! I have a crappy Target bike but it works for now. A beach cruiser is pretty awesome though.

  14. LOVE IT! I’m super excited about getting a new (to me) bike next week, thanks to @leahchristine! It’s also a pretty blue cruiser, but, um, older than me.

    Gotta get a basket for her though…

  15. Soooo… guess who else is fervently researching adorable bikes while giving dirty looks to my old unused mountain bike? So glad you found me, btw!


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