Goldilocks and the 3(+) Organizers

I’ve written before about trying to stay organized. And since then? I’ve been a massive failure at it.  Yes, I still rely heavily on my Google Calendar.  In fact now, the calendar isn’t just of Dave’s and my schedule, but I also made a calendar just for blogging… which I barely stick to.  (Whoops.)

I’ve also recently discovered the Google Tasks that you can add, and that’s definitely helped with those little nagging reminders of things I need to do (or blog about) without assigning them a definite date that will just get ignored or pushed back.  But the old school planner in me still wants something physical, something tangible to have in front of me, to write in and organize myself within an inch of my life.  The problem is, I can’t find anything I like!

Starting in January I’ve had three, yes three planner fails.  I started off with a Filofax that cost way too much money, and stopped using it after a few months.  I then had the Erin Condren Life Planner, which was also pricey, but I got at a discount thanks to Amber‘s giveaway and a processing error.  And well, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on the face of the planet who didn’t fall in love with it.  It was too big for me, and there were some other issues I had, but I’m not going to go into them.  The third (and last) planner I purchased was made by a cute company called Bob’s Your Uncle, and the planner worked for awhile, but in the end, the cover started to tear in my bag, and it just didn’t give me what I needed.

  • I need big space for each day to write things out.
  • I need a running to-do list on the side, that doesn’t have to be a “goal” or have an end point in sight.
  • It has to be small enough to fit in my bag.
  • And durable.  Even though the EC planner was made of a durable plastic, the corners started to separate almost immediately.
  • It should have a little notepad or notebook in the back, for jotting down blog ideas.

Am I too picky?  I am searching for the holy grail of planners?  Is there a planner out there that’s just the right size, just the right style, and just the right amount of OCD organizational-ess for me?  Or am I doomed to live a life of purchasing planner after planner after planner, only to be organizationally dissatisfied for all eternity?  (Melodramatic much??)


  1. Hi 🙂

    For school, I used to use the DayMinder Weekly Academic Planner. It’s got a small notes section in the back ,but there’s pretty ample space to write on each day of the week. I used to keep lists upon lists in here…and might get one from Emerson for this year despite not being a student anymore!

    Similar to this..but there’s a bunch of varieties.

  2. I love the MyAgenda that MomAgenda makes — it’s pricey (similar to the EC planners), but durable, attractive, spacious, easily fits in my bag, and has lots of room for extra stuff (like lists, contact info, etc).

  3. OMG ME TOO.

    I *LOVE* tangible planners. But I also need something digital that will sink with my mac and my android phone AND look good too. (I found one app I liked, but it was iPhone only.)

    Oh, and I think the Erin Condren ones look nice, but I don’t think I could ever use one. Not for me.

  4. I honestly need a wipe board calendar at my house to keep everything on track and somehow, synch that up to my iPhone, which isn’t even possible. I’m really trying to use my iPhone calendar as my main one. Easier said than done so far.

  5. I went about 6 months in my Erin Condren planner before I, too, admitted to myself that I don’t like it/ Way too big. Bulky. You know what I do now? I use Google Calendar. (Synced to my iPhone.) And keep a running to-do list with notes, etc. in a Moleskine. And it works. So simple. So cheap.

  6. I used to use my Louis Vuitton planner like it was my bible. I used Kate Spade calendar inserts and wrote in it everyday about everything! I just have not had the time lately, but with that being said.. it was a great thing!! xxxoo

  7. I use a small Moleskine calendar (they have a couple different varieties of planners) and my Google calendar. I may not have one handy (ie, on the phone while trying to make an appt) and having it in two places means I can always access my schedule. I find Moleskines super durable and affordable.

  8. I like the Flex by Filofax. You can buy the inserts you like, the size you like, and swap them around whenever you change your mind. I use the diary/calendar as my planner and the lined notebook as my to-do lists and random notes. I also like that you can just take them out of the cover and use them on their own.

  9. Moleskin all the way! Lots of variety. I have the weekly planner, soft cover. I carry it with me everywhere and it is still in great shape. It has a week page on one side and a blank line page on the other. Plenty of space for each day and a great page for lists and overflow. At the very front there is a monthly view and in the back are extra pages. There is also a spot in the front to write a weekly calendar (good for school or other regular activities). I love it. Also check out the other styles. Mine is small too. Easily fits in my small purse.

  10. I keep everything locked up in the vault known as my brain. That way, Big Brother won’t ever be able to catch on to my Big Plans. The downside is that I forget a lot. What, where am I?

  11. I’ve recently become addicted to Google calendar, especially since I got a smartphone. I put everything in it from reminders to call people, clean the bathroom, or schedule a work meeting. My phone buzzes nonstop but I never forget to do things anymore! My fiance loves to make fun of me when I invite him to a calendar event to remind him to do something…but hey, it works!

  12. I have a moleskin planner, but I don’t use it as much as I use my google calendar. I am also trying Agenda app on my iphone. Trying. Doesn’t mean I’m happy, though.


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