Drumroll please….

You know what’s not fun?  Having your apartment be FILLED to the BRIM with boxes, packed bags, and stuff galore.  Did I mention we’re now moving on Thursday, almost two weeks sooner than our original date?  While I’m glad to not have to pay an additional week of rent, it was a sudden development that had us scrambling to get everything packed in time!  And then this weekend while Dave is off at a gig, I’ll be unpacking everything.  While some would think this is a bad thing, doing it by myself, I’m actually STOKED because I can put stuff away and not have Dave in my way.  And he won’t put things in the wrong spot.  And I can just do it my way.  🙂  I’m just a wee bit OCD about things, so trust me, it’ll be better for everyone this way.

But beyond that, you know what’s fun???  ANNOUNCING THE KEURIG GIVEAWAY WINNER YAYY!!!  Without further adieu…



Email me [perksofbeingajap(@)gmail(.)com] so I can get your address!


Stay tuned people… there is another awesome giveaway in the works!


  1. I cannot believe this!!!!!!!! I never win anything. I’m so so excited! E-mailing you right this second!


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