My last Harry Potter experience (WARNING spoilers!)*

Yes, I saw Harry Potter (or HP7p2 as I’m referring to it) this weekend.  I didn’t go see it at midnight – I’m too old for that shizz – but I did make sure I saw it opening weekend.  That counts, right?  I was surprised the theater wasn’t packed more, but it was a Sunday night, and the movie theater did have a TON of show times.  Works for me, I hate crowded theaters where you have to try and block out the mouth breathers inhaling popcorn next to you.

I did enjoy the movie.  I do kind of wish I had watched HP7p1 right before heading to the theater, so it was fresh in my mind.  (Hindsight.) But regardless, it was great, and I definitely cheered out loud (with fist pumps) when Molly Weasley said my favorite line of the book, “Not my daughter you BITCH!” when fighting Bellatrix Lestrange.  I had warned everyone around me that if that line was cut from the movie, I was going to be a VERY unhappy person. Even though I was happy with that part, there were a bunch of things that I was not thrilled with, in terms of changes or things that were left out.  (My Dad knows I’m a purist when it comes to certain things – don’t even get me started on the Broadway version of Mary Poppins.)

Most of the issues I had were at the end of the movie, so ready… go! (WARNING – SPOILERS AFTER THE JUMP!)

  • The final fight between Harry and Voldemort.  THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN IN THE GREAT HALL!!  WITH EVERYONE AROUND THEM IN A CIRCLE! Not out in the courtyard where no one can see!!  And what was up with Voldemort just flaking away like a bad sunburn?  It’s supposed to be that Voldemort doesn’t truly have the Elder Wand, Harry does, so when Voldemort tries to kill Harry with Avada Kedavra, it backfires against Harry’s wand (the true Elder Wand) and rebounds and kills Voldemort.  WHY WOULD THEY CHANGE THAT??
  • Harry not repairing his own wand with the Elder Wand before destroying it.  I loved that part! When he was in Dumbledore’s chambers (I can’t call it an office, can I?) and is speaking to his portrait… he wants to keep his own wand but then destroy the Elder Wand.  Instead he just stands on the broken bridge and breaks it in two, throwing each half into the water below.  SO NOT AS GOOD AS THE BOOK.  I love that all he wanted was his old wand back.  FAIL.
  • How Neville killed the snake.  Okay, this was still good, and I still was like, “GO NEVILLE!” when it went down, but I felt like it was kind of anticlimactic.  What happened to Voldemort trying to keep everyone in the castle silent and not realizing that his curses weren’t working because of Harry’s charm?  And then him trying to suffocate Neville with the Sorting Hat, only to have Neville rip it off, reveal the Sword of Gryiffindor, and THEN kill the snake?
  • I get why they changed it to be Ginny who screams, “NOOOOOO!” when they see Harry’s apparently lifeless body, but I loved in the book when Professor McGonagall was the one who screamed.  It was so unexpected, and really showed her love for Harry (in a platonic, I knew your parents and you’re an awesome kid sort of way).  (Also, I can’t spell McGonagall to save my life.)
  • When Pansy Parkinson yells for everyone to just give Harry up to Voldemort, McGonagall is all “Slytherin will be brought to the dungeons!” and NO ONE ARGUES.  Oh ok, we’re the house made up of all evil kids, and no one says boo to this?  Blah.
  • How Harry revealed that he was in Hogwarts to Snape was kind of lame.  Like, really, no one saw you standing there with the rest of the students?
  • **EDITED TO ADD – I forgot about the last line in the book! They left out the great line at Kings Crossing where its 19 years later, and everyone is staring at Harry as he’s getting his youngest son on the train.  Albus notices that everyone is staring at them (at his dad).  Ron says, “Don’t let it worry you…It’s me. I’m extremely famous.” WHY WAS THAT TAKEN OUT? That line is SO GOOD.  (Thank you @christagins for reminding me about this!)

I totally understand that they need to change things up to make them flow better in movie translation. Trust me, I get it, and I know other things were left out/changed too. But the stuff I mentioned are things that I think they could have left in, and it would have only made the movie that much better. J.K. – next time you’re making a book into a movie, call me. We’ll discuss.

*Well, not exactly my LAST Harry Potter experience.  I still haven’t been to Harry Potter Landing yet, and every time I reread one of the books, it’s like a whole new experience.  😉


  1. It’s funny to read the specific things that you noted and how they happened in the book because I had totally forgotten some of them. I also remember the ending with Voldemort being way less exciting in the book than the movie. It sounds like I need to read it again, but I am glad I didn’t before the movie because I find that I appreciate the movies more when I separate them from the books.

  2. I agree with EVERYTHING you said!!! I wrote a blog post on this today, but I’m publishing it tomorrow. I loved the movie, but I still love the books even more. I appreciate the film for what it is… for a die-hard Potter fan, that last book could have been made into a trilogy and not just two movies, but most people wouldn’t find it as fascinating/awesome as us! I felt like it moved too fast like it was all in a hurry. Here’s to hoping there’s some good additional footage when the big DVD boxed set comes out… I loved how they did that with The Lord of the Rings.

    I was always a huge Snape fan. I did cry during the Pensieve scenes. It was truly my favorite part (SPOILER ALERT!) when he was in the nursery with baby Harry, holding onto dead Lily. It was just so much love. Sigh.

    As for the Molly Weasley line, when I read the book I yelled out loud at that part. They HAD to include it, or I would be upset too!

    I loved Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but now I want to go to London when they open up the studio for touring… to stand on set will be incredible!!!

  3. I agree to most everything you said!! And double AMEN to the wand thing… that was so perfect in the book.

    Wah, now I wanna read the books again.

  4. YES, YES, YOU SAID EVERYTHING PERFECTLY. These are all the things that made me angry, too. WHY WOULD THE CHANGE THE FINAL BATTLE????

  5. PS, why wasn’t Molly Wesley’s line louder? Why didn’t Harry tell Neville to kill the snake before heading into the forest? Why didn’t they show George’s death? Why didn’t Kreacher get to fight?

  6. oh my goodness I feel as though i could have written this post!! I totally agree with all you said! But that being said, I really enjoyed teh movie but am so sad that its actually over

  7. I’m with everyone else and wholeheartedly agree with this post!!

  8. I wrote a very similar post about Harry Potter on my blog last week. Well, two posts actually, one before I saw the movie and one about going to the midnight premiere, which I had never done before and only did because as a teacher I am off in the summer. I feel very much the same as you did about certain parts that they changed in the movie. One that you didn’t mention but really upset me was where/how he found the diadem. I dunno, I feel like they over dramaticized it for no apparent reason. I didn’t remember the book as well as you did, but the part about Neville bothered me too. Great post!

  9. Excellent points! I agree with every single thing you said! I thought they did a good job with the movie, but as always, the book is FAR superior.

  10. French Baguette says

    Lol funny as hell. I didnt want to say anything to the people I was with because I already felt like a complete dork. Reading this almost made me do backflips cause I wasn’t the only one to notice just about all of these(except Ginny’s part. Im not a big fan of her anyway). Well it settles it you’re pretty awesome. Keep it up 🙂

  11. I would’ve loved to see the house elf’s storm the battle, but that was a very sub-sub plot, which was never even addressed in the movies

    I loved the movie too- I agree with a lot of your points, but I still think they made an incredible end to the series.

    (and I was a midnight movie-going nerd. I even got a special new shirt for it!)

  12. **spoiler** i also dislike how they left out harry’s godson in the last scene of the movie. i was looking for him in the last scene. i also dont recall if tonks was pregnant in part 1.

  13. I had to go back after seeing the movie and read the end of the seventh book to refresh my memory on everything and I agree 100% with everything you said. I think they changed things to make it easier for people who haven’t read the books to follow along, although the end parts you missed wouldn’t have been hard to comprehend for non-readers.

    And now I’m so, so sad it’s over!

  14. Totally forgot about McGonagall yelling “No!” Aside from that, all the things that you remarked on were things I missed as well!

  15. I read the last book a few weeks before the movie. I’m so glad that I did! And I pretty much agree with you on all points.


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