Love, love, loving!

There are quite a few things I’m love, love, LOVING right about now –

  • My GIANT brown leather Mary Poppins-esque bag by Deux Lux for American Eagle. (I removed the bow/extra strap, but I still LOVE it.)

  • New summer dresses.  I’ve been living in two from Forever21, and a new one I got from H&M yesterday.  Of course I can’t find images of the Forever21 dresses online anymore.  Sad face.  The one I got from H&M was clearly miss marked in 2 different stores – I wound up getting a dress that claimed to be a size 44/14…. and it fits me just a bit loose.  Sizing FAIL. (Anita – did you have this problem too?) See unflattering self-taken office bathroom shot here:polka dots FTW
  • My new Keurig!!  The brand was nice enough to send me a unit to review, which means a GIVEAWAY FOR YOU!  Stay tuned!
  • Brewed Over Ice in my new Keurig! I’m especially loving the Sweet Peach Black Tea.  It’s like a Diet Peach Snapple, but so much better!


  • Seeing HP7p2 this weekend with my BFF Allison, Dave, Allison’s [insert relationship status here] Hiram, my parents, and Allison’s mom.  Phew what a crew!  I can’t wait!!  I already told Dave I’m probably going to cry when it’s over.  WHAT WILL I LOOK FORWARD TO??
  • The 20SB Summit tickets going on sale (for a limited time!)  Glad I held off on buying mine.  Now I’m all set and can’t wait for August!
  • Moving! Well, actual moving is a pain, but I can’t wait for an apartment with a great kitchen, good light (for pictures), a backyard, and BBQs! Also purging the excess stuff we have.  Yard sale planned for after we move!!!
  • Cetaphil.  Random, but I just started using this as my primary facial cleanser, and I adore it.  The texture, the smell, how my face feels when I’m done washing.  It’s just great stuff! And I think my skin is doing pretty well with it.

  • And also – the two pairs of nice sunglasses I got yesterday! I lost my last pair this weekend during a drunken pool party, and decided to finally man up and buy a pair that cost more than $20.  Luckily I had $$$ leftover from my Bergdorfs gift card (if you remember my boss gave the women in our office Christian Louboutin gift cards over a year ago, but myself and a few other colleagues swapped them for Bergdorfs, which is what the guys got).  Anywho I went to Bergdorfs last and got 2 pairs of glasses! A chunky black pair of Givenchy shades, and a pair of Ray-Ban aviators.  And only spent $64 bucks out of pocket!  SO EXCITED.  I’m hoping that the fact that these cost $$$ will help me to not lose them… fingers crossed!!!

I hope you’ve got stuff that you’re love, love, loving as well!


  1. I love that dress, and I’ve heard so much about the keurig machine. Can’t wait till the giveaway 😀

  2. That dress rocks, & so does that bag. And I love my so Keurig SO MUCH. I’m thinking of buying one for my mom, but maybe I’ll wait for your giveaway. 😉

  3. even if it’s a sizing fail that dress is super cute. i seriously live in H&M these days, so many cute clothes! also. that bag. want. so cute.

  4. Adorable dress, perfect for Summer!!! And I love the Keurig. I don’t have one of my own, but my in-laws do and it’s *lovely!!!*

    I’m sad for HP ending as well. ;.;

    And I must try that facial cleanser.

  5. Yay you got the dress! Mine is sized fine – some of the sizes must have been screwed up. Maybe that’s why they went on sale and there were so many left? Super cute.

    Bag is adorable. Love the seersucker accents. Wait wait…removed the bow? BLASPHEMY! I kid, I kid.

  6. Good news: I love, love, love your new summer dress! It’s tres lovely.

    Bad news: I don’t think I’ll be attending the 20SB Summit, therefore, I’ll be missing your face 🙁

  7. I love Love LOVE the big bow on your bag. I also love Mary Poppins, so I feel this is a win all round!

  8. Love the summer dress you posted, even if it’s too big! I’m also curious to hear more about the Keurig, I’ve been on the fence about one for months now.

  9. Um that purse is fabulous, I need to check that website out because it is C-U-T-E

  10. I just saw that keurig iced tea somewhere…now I definitely want to try it!


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