Street Food Friday: Big D’s Grub Truck


Welcome back to Street Food Friday!! Recently we’ve had Jess visiting Haute Sausage, Gretchen riding Short Bus Subs, and Doniree getting messy with some BBQ Fusion.  It’s my turn again, so I’m taking you to Big D’s Grub Truck!

Big D's Grub Truck

I love how bright the truck is.  Even though it’s not flashy, you can’t miss it.  I had a Tenka Deal to redeem at the truck, but to be honest, I would have gone without it. The deal was for a free grinder, and I went with the Ginger Chicken Grinder – ($7 value).  I mean, how could you go wrong with those ingredients?


While there wasn’t a huge line (who knows why, this truck is awesome), my sandwich was made super quick – like I blinked and the sandwich was ready.  That’s service I like!!  At the time, the truck was also raising money for the relief effort in Japan, by selling flan for $3, with all proceeds going to Japan. Now I didn’t want the flan.  I actually dislike flan immensely.  I guess you could say I’m not a flan fan.  Or a fan of flan.  BWAH HA HA HA.  Ahem.  I also hate Jell-O, so I think it’s a consistency thing.  Anyflan, I didn’t purchase the flan, but donated $3 regardless.

Once i got back to my office, I opened the take out box, was afraid of the daikon salad.  At the time I wasn’t really familiar with daikon, so to me it just looked like less mayonnaise-y coleslaw. After determining that it was not coleslaw (blech) I dove right in.


OMG THE SANDWICH.  I had a moment with it at my desk, it was THAT GOOD.  The bread is crusty, and toasty warm.  I couldn’t get enough of the delicious, lightly gingered chicken, crunchy daikon, zesty sauce, and CILANTRO UP THE WAZOO. I love cilantro big time.  I was literally rolling my eyes into the back of my skull with each bite, the sandwich was that good.  I believe my exact quote to my coworkers was,

“I want to hug the sandwich, it’s so good”



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  1. AH! Those look SO GOOD. I LOVE ginger. I just bought some ginger last night (like, fresh ginger) for the first time ever and I’m excited to start using it in sauces and juices 🙂


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